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Finally some sign of life from OM Digital: New OM-1II, 9-18mm mark II and 150-600mm lens coming on January 30

After 111 months of silence OM Digital will at last announce three new MFT products on January 30 at 6am London time:

  1. OM-1II
  2. 9-18mm II
  3. 150-600mm f/5.0-6.3

Let’s get into the details of this starting from a disappointment: The OM-1II will use the same OM-1 sensor and processing engine. The real changes will be:

  1. Rebranded as OM SYSTEMS (as you know the OM-1 still has the Olympus name on it).
  2. Double the internal buffer memory
  3. 14bit raw for High resolution mode
  4. human AI recognition
  5. better focusing system

The OM-1II should be priced at 2400 Euro (a bit more than $2,000 in the US).

I got no detail on the 9-18mm II so I guess it’s just a re-branded version of the current 9-18mm lens.

The most exciting news is the announcement of the 150-600mm 5f/.0-6.3:

  • Not a PRO lens
  • But I have been told it has very high image quality
  • 2699 Euro is the price (around $2,500 in the USA)

I actually SAW the lens but I cannot share images yet. If you have images I can share please send me those using the anonymous contact box or by writing me at

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