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FF mirrorless roundup: No new Fuji nor Sony mirrorless FF system any time soon?

Fuji and Sony are both hot candidates to launch the first Full Frame mirrorless system competing the expansive and luxury [shoplink 100116 ebay]Leica M series[/shoplink]. For months now I am working to collect info about their 2013 strategy and form what I got from trusted and also from new sources neither Fuji nor Sony will announce such a system within the next 8-10 months. At the same time I have been told that both are developing a FF system but there is a series of challenges that will have to be solved first. Both Fuji and Sony for example have to develop lenses for their current X and NEX systems. They cannot afford to launch a new system yet.


After all these years that Leica is cashing money on the [shoplink 100116 ebay]Leica M series[/shoplink] I am still surprised that nobody ever made a competitor!

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