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EXCLUSIVE: Samsung goes medium format! Canon and Nikon should be worried!

My very good Samsung sources just unveiled a TERRIFIC news! It’s probably the rumor of the year and if it turns out to be true than Nikon and Canon should be worried! Since decades the pro market is in strong hand of the two giants. This could change soon thanks to Samsung. The leaked medium format camera will be announced for real! And I can already share the specs to you:

1) The camera uses a 36mm x 36mm square sensor!
2) Samsung developed three different sensors. One 18 Megapixel sensor and two different 34 Megapixel sensors.
3) The lens you can see on the picture is a manual focusing 24mm lens.
4) It has a shorter lens-sensor distance than other medium format cameras (Editor’s note: Probably because it’s mirrorless)
5) On the road… AF lenses, EVF and optional accessories like grip, flash and screen.
6) The development is under phase two (That means Protocol, Viability and Marketing). Phase three is when the final decision will be taken.

As you can see Samsung is pretty busy in developing a new system for pro Photographers. Square sensors have been pretty popular with medium format cameras like [shoplink 100117]Hassleblad (Click here to see them on eBay)[/shoplink]. A second source told us the Samsung MF camera will be cheaper than the which is priced at $9900 and at the same level of the high end fullframe cameras from Canon and Nikon ($6.000-$8000).

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