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Exclusive on mirrorlessrumors: Sony to drop their fullframe line. Focus on NEX system!

According to our sources Sony is currently very close to the decision to stop their DSLR Fullframe development (lenses and cameras). There are many reasons why this could/will happen:

1) Sony wants to focus on the development of the NEX system. For the first time they see the chance to increase their market share!
2) Sony wasn’t able to earn money from their FF cameras and it is expensive to keep and develop three different lens-systems (APS-C and FF DSLR and NEX).

The next FF was expected to be announced in 2011, but everything is uncertain now. Maybe the A850 was the last Sony FF camera! Some thoughts about that decision have been posted on bythom (by Thom Hogan).

So after Olympus also Sony could drop their classic “DSLR” camera development. But keep in mind, those are long-term decisions. You will still see new DSLR from Olympus and Sony at Photokina. But in 2011…

Sony will now force the development of NEX cameras and lenses. More news about that soon on mirrorlessrumors!

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