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E-M5 versus Fuji X PRO review battle!

If you still haven’t decided if you should go for the new Olympus E-M5 or the Fuji X PRO 1 here is the fully loaded review roundup! Of course instead of spending hours on pixel fighting and ISO charts you can also spend some minutes in your local store to hold both cameras in your hands. That helped me in the past to pickup the right camera! :)

Olympus E-M5: Federico Cabrera, Lesnumeriques (Click here for the translation), Focusmedia (Click here for the translation), DSLRcheck, Cnet US, Digitalrev, Digitalkamera (Click here for theĀ  translation), DC.view (Click here for the translation), Itmedia (Click here for the translation), Photogenicweekend (Click here for the translation), Damian Mc Gillicuddy and Phototravelasia.

Fuji X PRO 1: Cnet, Pfflynn, Nikkei, Lesnumerique, DigitalJournalOfPhotography, Digitalkamera (Click here to read the google translation), Photoscala (Click here for the translation), Brandon Remler, Outbackphoto (Click here), Uniquephoto (Click here), RonMartBlog (Click here), SonyAlphaLab (Click here).

Goof Luck!

P.S.: My next camera should be a Full Frame Mirrorless. let’s see who will be the first to fulfill my dream!

Check price and specs by clicking these search links:
Fuji X PRO 1 at [shopcountry 100018].
Sony NEX-7 at .
Olympus E-M5 at [shopcountry 100170].

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