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DxOmark test: Nikon sensors as good as Micro Four Thirds sensors!

Looking at the images samples floating around the web almost nobody believed the Nikon J1 and V1 sensor could be as good as the bigger Micro Four Thirds sensors. And here comes the latest DxOmark test and tells you exactly the opposite story. According to their tests the sensor of the J1 is exactly as good as the latest 16 Megapixel sensor of the Panasonic G3 and better than the rest of the Micro Four Thirds cameras. Color depth and landscape is slightly better than the G3 and only at High-ISO Micro Four Thirds has a visible advantage. Anyway, Sony still has by far the best sensor of all Mirrorless cameras. The NEX-C3 has 17 more points than the J1 and I bet the new Sony NEX-5n is even better!

Click the links to see the comparisons:
Nikon J1 vs Sony NEX-C3 vs Panasonic G3
Nikon J1 vs Nikon V1 vs Olympus E-P3

Preorder links:
Nikon J1 at [shopcountry 100053].
Nikon V1 at

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