DxOmark posts five Samsung NX lens measures!

Samsung NX system may not be so popular yet but hey have some great prime lenses in their range! So le’ts take a look at the latest DxOmark test (Click here) where they measured five NX primes. And DxOmark writes:

In fact, as our comparison graph (above) shows the NX mount primes compare very favourably with the equivalent NEX mount lenses from Sony. But it’s not only the NEX mount lenses that the Samsung models compete with. They’ve shown with the 85mm f/1.4 and some excellent sensors what they’re capable of, but perhaps what’s needed now is a high-end enthusiasts model to contend with the likes of the OMD-EM5, GH-3 and NEX-7.

I couldn’t agree mroe with DxO! Come one Samsung, gives us some real nice Photo camera!

  • tecnoworld

    After this test I hope nobody will question anymore about the quality and performance of nx lenses. They are better than anything available for m4/3, are on par or better than any nex lenses and seem to be also on par of better than silimal lenses for canon and nikon, on aps-c bodies. Not considering the size of the 16.30 and 45mm. Wow.

    I’m also wondering why no 20mm test. Anyway I think it would be the worse lens, on par or below the 16mm, performance wise.

    I’d also like to see the other nx non-prime lenses being tested, namely the 50-200, the 18-200, the two kit zooms and the 12-24. I think they again can be on par or better than anything similar the competitors have to offer.

    The nx system still need a fast zoom.

    • spam

      Beating the NEX lens lineup isn’t that hard. It used to be the weakest of all mirrorless systems, but has improved quite a bit over the last year (and we’ve got Nikon 1, Eos M nad Pentax Q competing for that position). Still no match for mFT though.

      Anyway, Samsung have done quite a job with NX lenses, particulary important since they get virtually no support from third party manufacurers. They got a pretty good selction of primes, but lack high quality zooms. Unfortunately they haven’t had a single good body, mainly because of poor performance. The NX300 might solve this, but I haven’t tried it yet.

      • tecnoworld

        Try the nx300, and you’ll be hooked up. You’ll want it. Assured.

  • Pb

    samsung does seem to be picking up traction with their cameras and seem to be making some really cool stuff!

    • tecnoworld

      Exactly. There are many haters out there. And few websites give credit to samsung. E.g. on dpreview, the nx20 has never been reviewed.

      • Dummy00001

        “And few websites give credit to samsung. E.g. on dpreview, the nx20 has never been reviewed.”

        I have actually asked that several times in comments on DPR. Very very few pro review web-sites do review products they bought or own – DPR is no exception. DPR’s answer was: Samsung simply doesn’t provide them with cameras for review.

        And at the same time, I have also seen Sammy to give away cameras to amateur/enthusiast photogs, who are then simply happy to troll forums with images and all taken on cameras they got for free. This is very questionable practice on Samsung’s behalf.

  • Sony Monster

    Dpreview & DXO float (or should I say “sink”) in the same boat. It just seems all so commercialized now. Shame.

  • Cteve

    DPreview likes to take for the underdog and make it look professional.
    I remember when they did the same for the Fuji X-Pro 1… which is a great camera
    but got so many flaws. So for DPreview to do that with the Ricoh is just obvious.

    It’s so true that many sites ignores the Samsung gears, especially the high end one.
    Why? Is it because ohhh noooo it’s not Japanese, so it must be crap. Or reviewing sites
    are just NOT reviewing material they don’t get demo models from the company?

    There is so much Samsung bashing around for no reason, only because they are a big
    company? Because they make phone and TV’s? Sony does also… Because it’s Korean?
    or simply because they are too new in the business? Maybe Samsung needs to purchase
    one of the Japanese camera giants so that people feel “safe” about their camera products.

  • Noshills

    It won’t be long until the biggest Samsung hating shill ” MdB ” shows up here on this thread.. Where you at , MdB? Where you at, homeboy? LOL

  • J Shin

    Kudos to Samsung, for trying harder. I think the real story in this comparison of the mega-conglomerates is that Sony has not been putting what it needs to and is able to into the NEX lenses. At least Sony has a lead on sensor performance, but…

    • tecnoworld

      With nx300 the lead sony had is over.

    • Emuga

      Noonense. See the chart above. E-mount has more lenses, and they are not “worse” than Samsung lenses. 50mm is the best lens and on top of that it is also stabilized too. And it’s a Sony lens, not Samsung.

  • Small

    Is this more about korean companies agains japaneas companies. Sorry this comments are ridiculous. If all companies would share one mount for APS-C that would something to fight for. But this my camera system is ‘bigger’ than yours is simply stupid from a consumer perspective. If camera systems would be a religion otherwise … ,-)

  • Noshills

    Where you at MDB? Why don’t you reply? I command you, reply and show everyone what a dog you are. Your master commands you to reply again, doggie, LOL. Here’s your chance to make 4 more cents. What, you too busy eating your pasta, your fagioli? Or did your 4 cent paycheck from sony bounce? LOL. Come on, reply to me cause I said so. LOL

  • Pei

    NX users used to claim they have superior lenses vs NEX and some even claim to have the best lenses among EVIL/mirrorless. Now this test just proves NX is at best, on par with NEX, and Samsung require 50% greater flange distance to produce lens of equal IQ.

    SONY and Fuji have thinner cameras, equal if not better lenses and can mount every lens ever made due to the small flange distance.

    • tecnoworld

      You probably didn’t read the tests very well….

  • Colin

    Why are you not doing your job and deleting the abusive posts?

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