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Dpreview tests the EOS-M5 and says it’s “a bit let down by the M5 on the whole,”

Dpreview posted the EOS-M5 review and concludes:

The M5 represents Canon’s continued commitment to the EOS M system, which we’re happy to see, and we should reinforce that for folks who think they may want to get into shooting video as well as stills, the EOS M5 will make that far easier than most of the competition. The M5 is, on the whole, a solid and capable camera for a wide variety of photography. Unfortunately, in the broader context of the mirrorless camera market, we can’t help but feel a bit let down by the M5 on the whole, and are already looking forward to seeing what the next EOS M will bring.

A good step forward but still not good enough to match the very best mirrorless on the market. That said what’s also missing are many EOS-M lenses. Canon really needs to get serious here too!

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