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Dpreview talk with Canon engineers: “expect big things”

Canon EOS-R at BHphoto, Adorama and Amazon.

Dpreview published their interview with Canon. Some highlights:

  1. About designing R lenses:people who’ve been working on lenses for a really long time have, with this new system, been able to make lenses like the 28-70mm F2 comparably easily, compared to how they had so many challenges in the past.”
  2. About the closed shutter when the camera is off: “we wanted to protect the sensor as much as possible from dust and light hitting the sensor,” explains Oshima: “The light coming through the lens affects the sensor in the long term. The color filter array and microlenses and also the photodiodes can all be damaged by light [if the sensor is always exposed].”
  3. About making an APS-C R camera:we’re thinking about it, but we can’t answer in detail
  4. About the future R cameras and lenses:We want to surprise and astonish you, so please expect big things.

Maybe a big thing would be to give us 4K in Full Frame with no crop??? :) Sorry, couldn’t resist some trolling. Truth is at least with their R lenses they have really achieved to surprise us. I hope they are working hard to improve their sensor and processing technology too!

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