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Do’h! Tony Northrup says in reality the Canon EOS-R5 is a 4k30p camera (because other recording modes are crippled)

It’s fun how the Internet keeps hitting hard on the EOS-R5. Somehow the Canon Cripple Hammer did come into action the very last minute :)

Tony Northrup sums up the “potential!” problems with the EOS-R5:

  • There are no independent reviews yet. Canon did not allow the few reviewers to test many aspects of the camera. Gordon Laing from CamerLabs for example was told explicitly to NOT talk about Rolling Shutter. All revivers could not share full size image samples
  • Only 4k30p allows for unlimited recording. All other recording modes are limited because of overheating.
  • There is a small 1.05x crop in 4K mode. Nothing serious but still Canon advertised this as “no crop” 4K camera.
  • It has an AA filter which might reduces sharpness of the stills images

Don’t worry Canonistas, as soon as the Sony A7sIII comes out the Internet will start to bash the Sony :)

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