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Dclife summed up all 2023 photography&tech shows

Dclife made a nice roundup post of all upcoming 2023 shows:

CES: January 5th to 8th
CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is a trade fair for electronic devices, and there is a strong tendency for new products, prototypes and new technologies in various fields to appear. It is becoming a non-existent event. For now, the Panasonic LUMIX S5 Mark II is likely to be announced, and Sony is expected to announce details of its Honda Mobility EV.

CP+ : Held in Yokohama from February 23rd to 26th, CP+ is the world premiere show for cameras and photographic images. In the past few years, the local event has been postponed due to the corona crisis, but I think there are many users who are paying attention to the real event after a long absence. Keep an eye out for new product announcements from camera and lens manufacturers.

WPPI : March 7-9 March This
event focuses on wedding and portrait photography and coincides with CP+. Overseas, new information may appear from WPPI instead of CP+.

NY EXPO: March 10th to 11th *CineGearExpo
CineGearExpo will be held in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta at different times. I used to have a trend with a completely cinematic event that takes place after NAB. This year it will be held in New York before NAB.

NAB : April
15-19 NAB Show is the world’s largest exhibition of broadcasting equipment. It is an event for professionals rather than consumers. In the last few years, the boundary between still images and moving images has disappeared, and video events are attracting attention from consumers. It will be a time when video-oriented mirrorless machines and professional equipment are likely to be announced. Expect surprises for NAB’s 100th anniversary this year.

LA EXPO: June 1-4 *CineGearExpo
is a completely cinema-oriented event. Professional equipment that has been announced at NAB will be officially announced at this event, and details will be revealed.

PHOTONEXT : Photographers & Photo Business Fair to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from June 6th to 7th . The main event is professional equipment and products, photo seminars and outlets are also held, and no pre-registration is required and admission is free.

IFA: Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin , September 1-5 . It will be an event on par with CES held in North America. I don’t think there’s much chance that a camera or lens will be announced at IFA, but there will be big events in Europe from IFA to IBC in September.

IBC Show: Europe’s largest exhibition of broadcasting equipment to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from September 15th to 18th . We can expect announcements of professional equipment such as camcorders and cine lenses.

Recently, Sony and Canon are introducing video-oriented cameras that are positioned between professional equipment and consumer equipment, so events may be becoming borderless.

The Photography Show / The Video Show
A photography and video event held in the UK for beginners to professionals. As of January 1, 2022, it will not be held in 2023, and the next one will be held from March 16 to 19, 2024.

PHOTOPIA Hamburg : Sept. 21-24, 2011,
as an alternative event to Photokina. CAPA has posted a report article about the situation in 2022,so it may be helpful.

SALON de la PHOTO : A photography event held in Paris , France from October 5th to 8th .

ATL EXPO: October 6-7 *CineGearExpo
New products of professional equipment announced at IBC in September may be unveiled in the US for the first time. It will be the last professional equipment event of the year.

PhotoPlus | Create NYC
It’s tentatively scheduled to take place in 2023, but no details have been announced yet. PhotoPlus was originally a photography event held in New York, but it seems that they are planning to become a bridge between art and culture under the name of “Create NYC”.

Inter BEE: A comprehensive media and entertainment exhibition held in Japan from November 15th to 17th . I personally check Canon’s online events.

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