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Cool Fuji teaser: From the “DSLR-Stone Age” to the “Mirrorless-Modern” time!

Fuji launched that cool teaser for the new Photokina product announcement! And what they show is a cool parody of the Photogrpahy revolution going on thanks to the new Mirrorless camera systems!

The Stone Age “DSLR-Photographer” has now evoluted to the modern advanced Mirrorless Photographer :)


Coming back to the real things: Fuji has a couple of surprises for Photokina:

1) New Fuji X100T is the first optical rangefinder camera that gets rid(!) of the parallalx problem by using the electronic viewfinder to “adjust” the optical viewfinder! Sounds amazing!

2) New Silver X-T1 with extra features and new firmware update! it costs $200 more than the Black X-T1 but comes with graphite silver finish, leather shoulder strap and aluminum hot shoe cover.

3) Brand new 50-140mm weather sealed and f/2.8 lens you cna alreayd preorder at Adorama!

4) Bokeh trimmed edition of the 56mm f/1.2 R APD lens. It has a nanotechnology apodizing filter that produces smoother bokeh


Great  stuff!

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