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Continually updated: Pentax Q mirrorless camera announced!

I will continually update this page. Latest additions will be on top of each category!

Hot details

It uses a 12 MP Sony 1:2.33 inch backlit sensor. Reminder: An APS-C mirrorlress camera will come in autumn!
External Viewfinder Available Separately.
Price 700 Euro with the 47mm lens.
28-83mm equivalent f/2.8-4.5 lens will, cost $299 and offer a built-in ND filter and lens shutter.
There wil be five lenses (Photographyblog).

Previews and Reviews

Imaging Resource
Hands-on at Dpreview.

Image samples

First studio image samples at Imaging Resource.


Hands-on video on Engadget.

Links to Press release

Quesabesde (spanish)
Colorfoto (german)
CNET (too little, too late and too much?)
Amateur Photographer
Focus Numerique (french).


12 Megapixel
1:2.33 inch sensor
Records 1080p video
1/2000 to 30 Second Shutter Speeds
HDR Capture
In body IS
Built-In Popup Flash
3 inch LCD screen
HDMi port and SD, SDHC, and SDXC Memorey Cards
Bokeh Control Filter and Smart Effects Mode


  • Brian

    All the people saying it is a toy:

    “And the Q is no toy camera, despite its modest sensor size it boasts a magnesium alloy body with rubber front coating.”
    – dpreview… they actually have the camera…

    “The Q gives the impression it might be a product of its namesake from the James Bond series – it’s easy to conceal about one’s person, there’s a hint of cold-war camera chic in its apparently impeccable engineering and the overall concept is just ever-so-slightly eccentric.”

    Original thinking… I like it even if I won’t be running to buy one myself with the current lens lineup.

  • What’s a Pentax?

    Congratulations! Pentax just unveiled the worst camera on Earth!

    The Sony NEX C3 is a better value, it’s only $549.99 with a lens and uses a 16MP APS-C sensor. The same 16MP sensor used in the Nikon D7000 and Pentax K5.

    No wonder Pentax has only a 1.5% market share. What a colossal waste of resources.

    My iPhone will take better pictures!

    • Brian

      Ahhhh now your phone won’t… I promise you that. An LX5/GF1 take indistinguishable pictures in good light, lots of uses for a LX5 with interchangeable lenses which this is. Expect it to cost similar amount in retail as an LX5/ZX-1

      • Zaph

        Except that the sensor on the LX5 is a decent amount bigger than this one.

  • Paul

    It’s a magnesium alloy toy, surely this is all about the fun of using the camera, and not the quality of the output … Thats ok and there’s going to be a market for that.

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    Comparing LX5 to GF1 = clueless

    • sparedog

      +1 yup

  • tommy

    the MF toy lens 04 05 are indeed a cctv lens in better body,

    the other fisheye lens 03 even has no focus ring , it’s fixed focus


  • fgj

    This camera might be even more insane than the Sigma in terms of pricing. Seriously, the folks at Pentax have lost their minds. $800 for this piece of junk with just the prime lens? Unreal. I’m seriously in disbelief.

  • fgj

    Why would you just not get a Olympus XZ1 which has a bigger sensor and much faster zoom lens? This camera makes no sense! Maybe at $249 with kit lens and each additional lens priced at around $70 but pricing this thing at $800?! Who are the idiots who will buy this junk?

  • Woodent

    still Pentax has managed to cram the IBIS _and_ the flash in such a tiny body. Definitely something to learn from for Sony, Olympus, Panasonic

    • Zaph

      The only thing I can think is that it’s market research for the proper system … confused.

    • Dummy00001

      IBIS + flash?? We have that already in OLy’s E-PL*. And XZ-1.

      OTOH IBIS + EVF would have being unique. Ah, another missed opportunity.

      @Admin, btw, I hope the screen is AMOLED? or is it LCD?

  • Will

    In addition to a 1:2.3″ sensor, it can also squirt water!

  • Miroslav

    The small sensor makes Q irrelevant. Everything else would be fine if the sensor was at least 1″ in diameter.

    If they make their APS-C mirrorless systems with all these features, it’s going to be very competitive.

    • Miroslav

      Diagonal, not diameter.

  • sparedog

    admin, i think that you’ve written gf3 for the title of the specifications, instead of pentax.

    • admin

      Damn, hat happens when I copy and paste! Thanks!

  • Jas

    Despite of all these negatives comment, I like it. It might not be as good in term of sensor size, but most of you takes lousy pictures of meaningless blue sky and turn it to black and white in hope to make ur picture looks more artistic anyway. What really should be appreciated is its classic design and personality. It bring backs the memories of the canon 7 rangefinder.

  • weird

    I have read at the high Iso performance…it is surprising for such a small sensor

  • Alan

    Now if Pentax had put as much effort as this into joining the m43 system…..

    • MikeH


      What a waste.

  • Poll

    The poll, it says it all.

  • JesperMP

    What lens is it that is mounted on the black Q body ?
    The other lenses seems to be the 5 already announded ones: the zoom (rear) fisheye (middle left), standard prime (middle right), toy tele (front left) and toy wide (front right).

  • MJ

    Admin. I know that technically not all mirrorless cameras are four thirds, but really i think you should find a way to combine the two because it makes no sense to follow two sites, and have anything big still posted on 43rumors also anyway.

    Have you thought about a poll on 43r to find out what the users would want? Because i strongly believe that anyone interested in micro four thirds will be interested in other mirrorless system rumors too, and the other way around as well.

    Ask any mirrorlessrumors follower if they follow 43rumors, and 99% will say yes. Ask any 43rumors follower if they want to know about other mirrorless system rumors and 99% would say yes IF it was on the same site.

    The domain names are fine, just link both to the same site :). Anyway, just my thoughts, with good intention.

    • chris

      no.. the people on m43 rumors are 90% fanboys.. they dont care about other brands

      thats why sites like mirrorlessrumors or photorumors have a lot less visitors.. because most people are stupid and stick with one particular brand and they always talk about “investing” in a camera system which is the most ridiculous thing i ever heard.. those people dont take photos at all lol

      • Frosti7

        You both are right!
        having 2 site’s is a PITA (pain in the), but there should be a site dedicated to the m43 system (its the biggest and best as of today)

        I belive that the best solution is to make 43rumors to be a PART of mirrorlessrumors, like a section…
        Admin, i know you have loads on your head…but please consider this for everyones future,…it will combine your readers and make both parts stronger

        • MJ

          Hmm well even if they tend to be a little hooked to m43, i think they’d still be interested in seeing what’s going on here. I mean they’re all rumors, curiosity is what drives us. We visit 43rumors too you know, maybe it’s not that bad.

          I think with cookies it’s possible for even non-registered users to select ‘all mirrorless’ or ‘m4/3 only’ with a big button above the login-box for example, and have the browser remember it.

          Three options would do it to combine all three sites.
          [] Sony Alpha + NEX only.
          [] All Micro Four thirds.
          [] All Mirrorless.

          Each domain can function as a preset for one of the three and for the followers nothing doesn’t even have to change. But the site would be one and the same, and the posts posted would be one and the same (no more duplicates), the only difference would be if they’re hidden or shown, and i know such a thing is easily possible these days on a website.

          Easier said than done, i know that too, but it would be such a improvement.

          • MJ

            And this way those who like mirrorlessrumors don’t have to go to 43rumors to read about micro four thirds, because those posts will be included with the ‘all mirrorless’ option.

            Really who in his right mind would be interested in all mirrorless systems EXCEPT micro four thirds, because that’s kinda how it is now on mirrorlessrumors isn’t it ? Unless there is a big announcement, then here is a duplicate post again.

          • El Aura

            You beat me to it. Let the user decide which stories to show.

      • MikeH

        Chris knows everything and is not a fanboy. The rest of us are all just fanboys and are stupid. Chris has a 192 IQ, 194 IQ on Fridays.

        Admin, please change the site to Thanks.

  • Josh

    Size comparisons compared to other serious compacts, and other mirrorless cameras can be found here:—in-detail-16807 Interestingly small!

  • loplop

    Weird move by Pentax, but predicted correctly. I don’t hate it. The price is scary, I admit, but if this thing had image quality in good light that matched the XZ-1 (which isn’t fantastic at high ISO, despite its larger sensor), I’d consider it as a daylight carry camera. The interchangeable lenses would be fun.

    I would have liked to have seen the larger sensor, but we’ll just have to wait and see how the image quality is, and how good these lenses are…

    Admin: note the image samples appear to have been removed by Imaging-Resource. I never was able to get a full res sample, anyway, only the thumbnails… And those seem to have been removed.

  • Nico Foto

    What i don’t seem to get is the target market of this camera. It is expensive compared to other mirrorless cameras. It has a rather small sensor. It competes with m43 and NEX for P&S upgraders, and DSLR users looking for a second camera. Both m43 and nex have larger sensors, a somewhat established user base, and in the case of m43 a growing range of lenses to choose from.

    Don’t get it.

  • Sahaja

    What’s wrong with a “toy” camera or “fun” camera? – anyhow many top end DSLR’s end up being used as expensive adult toys.

    • El Aura

      There is nothing wrong with a ‘toy’ camera, there is just something wrong when the ‘toy’ camera costs 50% more than the ‘real’ camera.

  • Hards80

    nothing necessarily wrong with a small sensor camera with interchangeable lenses.

    but the price is way off.

  • dac38

    Really Pentax ? 800$ ?

  • shanti

    Maybe as a web only camera this will be ok,and many pics are just used on the web there is a market…
    maybe price was in yen not Euro!!!! then its cheap….


    PentaxQ-club started in few days :)

  • bedo

    also think of selling at that price? mmm …. very difficult in this market! view the poll!

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