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Conflicting Canon rumors solved….there is indeed a second EOS-R camera with no 8K and lower resolution sensor named EOS-R6!

As you may know days ago I told you trusted sources said the EOS-R camera they knew about had no 8K and a lower resolutions sensor. CR reported that the EOS-RS (later named EOS-R5) had 8K and a high resolution camera. So I thought CR rumor was wrong….but the mystery is officially solved! This because both CR and I had info about TWO different cameras. Thanks to CR we now know there is a second camera named EOS-R6:

  • 20mp full-frame CMOS sensor
  • IBIS
  • 12fps mechanical and 20fps electronic.
  • 4K @ 60p
  • New battery (Not sure if it’s the same as the EOS R5)
  • June 2020 launch (We think a May announcement)

So this is the camera my sources heard about. Now I am happy Canon is pushing hard because it finally forces Sony to get back on hard work and deliver the A7sIII :)

More news: Today Canon issued an official financial report:

Although we have launched two full-frame mirrorless cameras as well as ten dedicated lenses, our lineup is still insufficient. In order to recover from our late entry into the mirrorless camera market, we have plans to launch a model that incorporates a newly developed image sensor and image-processing engine that offer even more advanced features. We will work to raise our presence in the mirrorless camera category, leveraging large trade exhibitions around the world. Even amid increasing competition, we will expand sales of higher-end models driven by new products and aim for top market share even in the mirrorless camera market.At the same time, we will expand our lineup of dedicated lenses launching several innovative ones that take advantage of the new mount that allows greater flexibility when designing lenses. We will accelerate sales by responding to user need to capture various images, expanding options by combining camera bodies and lenses

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