Canon, Nikon, Samsung and Pentax mirrorless rumors

According to Nikonrumors “Nikon’s Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera could be announced at CES 2011” and they also found more mirrorless patents.

Meanwhile Canonrumors says that we will not see any new mirrorless system from Canon before 2012.

K-rumors said that Pentax will announce a new APS-C mirrorless system in February.

According to X-rumors Samsung will announce a new NX camcorder within a few months.

Ricoh photographer do confirm the existence of a Micro Four Thirds module for the GXR?

Image courtesy: Photoscala

Mobile01 went to the GRD 5th Anniversary Party in Tokyo and they interviewed many RICOH employees and photographers. Unofficially they got the information that RICOH will launch the new Micro Four Thirds sensor module for GXR system during 2011. Their goal is to move Micro Four Thirds fans to the [shoplink 100059]RICOH GXR system[/shoplink].

This is not the first time we hear that RICOH is preparing a Micro Four Thirds module. Ricoh has already shown a “mysterious” Expansion Unit on their road map but without specifying what kind of mount it will use.

Nikon to enter mirrorless DSLR camera market (says Digitimes)

And here we are with the next Nikon mirrorless rumor. This time from Digitmes:

Japan-based camera brand Nikon expects its new mirrorless DSLR-similar camera will help expand its market share in the interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) market in the Asia Pacific to 40% in 2011 and 50% in 2012, according to the company.

As Sony and Samsung Electronics have both recently entered the DSLR-similar camera market, Nikon pointed out that the DSLR-similar cameras should not cause damage toward the sales of traditional DSLR, instead the model has helped increase consumer acceptance of ILC.

According to figures from GfK, Taiwan’s ILC shipments in 2009 were about 108,000 units and the forecasted volume for 2010 has already increased from only 140,000 units in early 2010 to about 160,000 units currently, a significant growth.

In the first half of 2010, affected by tight supply, Nikon’s share in Taiwan’s ILC market once dropped to only 25%, but as the company is working on resolving the issue, the company is expected to grab 35% of Taiwan’s ILC market by the end of 2010.

In a interview Mr. Goto (Nikon) said that “If the lens system and body are not smaller in total, the whole meaning of reducing size is lost. If it was up to him to make such a thing, a mount smaller than the F would be chosen. It’s a new genre of camera…something that no maker is currently making. It is not targeted towards people who use cameras in their work, some will look at this product as a really fun to use camera.