New Fuji X100 news and reviews

Fuji Finepix X100 or vs Panasonic Lumix GH2: compared, which one is better? Video by MIke Kobal (Thanks!).

Jonathanjk (Click here) posted a new X100 review: “If you’ve read this far, you might confuse my praise as fanboy love for Fujifilm and the X100, this isn’t entirely true. There’s certainly love written here for the X100 but I don’t share it with Fuji, this is where a fanboy and myself differ. Instead Fuji are in receivership of my admiration because of what they have brought to market. I’ve waited a long time for a camera like this, the strong demand will hopefully bring Fujifilm to release successors in the near future and convince other manufacturers to reconsider how they approach the market for small capable cameras.

I guess almost anyone already have seen this: Fujifilm FinePix X100 Birthday Cake (Petapixel).

Photographing a wedding (

Noisycamera reports: “The featured gear story of the July 2011 issue of the Popular Photography magazine is a three-part Fuji X100 vs Leica X1 series.”

Fuji X100 is the Editor’s choice 2011. Reviewed by CNET and KEN ROCKWELL

The [shoplink 100018]Fuji X100[/shoplink] won the Camera Grand Prix Editors Choice Award! I guess nobody here is surprised to hear that :). That’s the conclusion form the jury: “Fujifilm’s FinePix X100 is a compact digital camera featuring a new hybrid viewfinder, which combines a projected bright-frame optical viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder system with approx. 100% field of view and a 1,400,000 dot LCD panel. A magnesium alloy body with manually operated control dials, an APS-C CMOS sensor and new EXR processor deliver the highest image quality in the history of FinePix cameras, the quality of which is so high that is almost beyond the performance of DSLRs.”

And here are two more new X100 reviews:

Ken Rockwell posted his final X100 review (Click here to read the full article). I like that part:
The fixed lens is superb, but Fuji really could have stuck it to LEICA if they threw away the 23mm lens and replaced it with a hole, a LEICA M mount, and a full-sized 24 x 36mm sensor. Fuji could have called it the M10, and pitched it as “The Future of M Photography.” (LEICA has no trademark on the letter M or “M10” as far as I know.)
In a Japanese minute Fuji could have advanced LEICA photography by over 50 years. The LEICA M9 still uses viewfinder technology that is actually a cost-reduced downgrade from the superior finder of 1954’s LEICA M3. The X100’s finder is 60 years ahead of LEICA, which like Harley-Davidson, is decades of tradition unhampered by progress.

CNET (Click here) posted a Fuji X100 review (including a video with Lori Grunin): “For some people considering this camera, autofocus performance won’t matter; for instance, it’s a great choice for landscape photography or portraits, or using it like a fixed-focus camera for street photography. If you want to use manual focus, you really should try before you buy to make sure you’ll be comfortable with the mechanism and viewfinder.

Check the price and availability by clicking those direct X100 search links: [shopcountry 100018].

Ken Rockwell likes the Fuji X100 (wants Fuji to make a fullframe camera)

[shoplink 100018 ebay][/shoplink]The “starblogger” Ken Rockwell felt in love with the [shoplink 100018 ebay]Fuji X100[/shoplink]. He keeps posting pictures and notes about the camera. I post a short excerpt of his impressions:
Initial impressions are that it rules. Images are super-sharp, and look great even at ISO 800 and f/2. Except for some odd quirks like hard-crashing just like the LEICA M9 did in 2009, the X100 is a winner. As expected, it’s very Japanese: way too many features, menu BS and sloppy programming getting in the way of just shooting. The X100 has all the crazy film modes and tweaks of Fuji’s DSLRs. I’m hoping that once I select which of the 10,000 display modes suit me that it will be smooth. Since the makes such horrible JPGs and has such horrible auto WB and no blue/amber fine tuning, the JPGs out of the X100 are superior to the M9’s JPGs.
He liked the camera such a lot that he invited Fuji to make a fullframe camera to rule out the Leica M9 :) Read more at!

The Fuji X100 is almost impossible to find in Stock. You can find some of them in auction on [shoplink 100018 ebay]eBay (Click here)[/shoplink]. But as usual price is much higher than the official 1200 Euro/Dollars!!!

Fuji X100 news and reviews roundup!

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There have been lots of new [shoplink 100018 ebay]Fuji X100[/shoplink] news and reviews. So let’s make a nice summary!

Electronista (Click here) wrote a Fuji X100 review: “As such, it’s easy to like the X100 and give it a good general recommendation. It’s absolutely essential to be aware of what the camera can do, but there’s so much power inside that it feels like the last compact camera you’d ever need. It almost pained us to have to hand the camera back, and that speaks volumes about what Fujifilm has done.
Imaging Resource (Click here) posted a Fuji X100 overview including some test photos.
Plenty of tests and image samples at Lemondedelaphoto (Click here).
Fuji X100 ISO Comparison Images at Photographybay (Click here).
Leica X1 vs Fuji X100 – Full Size RAW comparison at (Click here).
Fuji Finepix X100 Aerial Examples at DigLloyd (Click here).
Leica X1 vs Fuji X100: Which Photos Are from Which Camera? ThePhoBlographer (Click here).

And now check the Fuji X100 price and availability at [shopcountry 100018]. Most stores do still not have or even not list the camera :(

Fuji X100 gets tested at DPreview!

Dpreview posted their 24 page long Fuji X100 review! Click here to read it: The X100 gains an overall score of 73%: “The X100 is an exasperating conundrum of a camera, combining excellent image quality, solid build and a superb viewfinder with sluggish operation and eccentric, buggy firmware. If you’re prepared to put up with its numerous oddities and faults then it will repay you with superb results.“. The real problems for the X100 is that: “perhaps the biggest problem for the X100 is that it’s competing in today’s marketplace with the new breed of compact Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras, and it’s not exactly cheap in comparison.

Another real problem is to find the X100 in Stock. Amazon UK (Click here) changed the X100 delivery status in “Usually dispatched within 3 weeks.” And many other stores do not have it even available for preorder. Check at [shopcountry 100018].