Canon G1 X preview and images samples (dpreview, lenstip, electr0nista,slashgear and more)

Th most high end of all high end compact camera is getting tested by many websites. The Canon G1 X should become the first camera to compete against the mirrorless world which is currently dominated by Olympus-Panasonic-Sony. The most amazing achievement from Canon is certainly that tiny 4x zoom lens. It proves that Canon mirrorless system could offer soom nice pancake zooms. As Canon managers revealed last week, small size is one of the two main aspects of their future  inetrchangeable mirrorless system (the other aspect is “image quality”). So here are the G1 X related news:
Lenstip (Click here) posted a set of full size Canon G1 X image sample.
Dpreview (Click here) updated their preview including some image samples.
Electronista (Click here) also “played” a it with the camera.

And here is a video from Slashgear:

Preorders are available at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

The Verge: NEX-5n best mirrorless, Nikon 1 worse mirrorless (but Nikon rules in UK!)

The Year in Review article at The Verge (Click here) chooses the NEX-5n as product of the year while the Nikon 1 is the camera disappointment of the year. But despite the critic from The Verge at least in UK the Nikon 1 system is the most popular of all mirrorless systems (Source: Photographyblog).

The Nikon V1 experience at Fadedandblurred (Click here).

The Pentax Q 3.2mm f/5.6 Fisheye has been reviewed at Photozone (Click here).

Nikon 1 J1 review at Letsgodigital (Click here).

Ricoh GXR GR LENS A12 28mm f/2.5 review at ePhotozine (Click here).

Ricoh GXR A12-M and Sony NEX-5N Comparison at Ricoh Diary (Click here).

Top 2011 photos at Outbackphoto (Click here).

Samsung NX200 test at Colorfoto (Click here).

Triple Fuji X PRO 1 preview at Gizmodo, Engadget and Digitalcamerainfo.

You can now read two interesting reviews. The first is from Gizmodo (Click here): “The camera’s one drawback, and Fuji has told us that this will be the case on the production models, is that the autofocus isn’t going to be as snappy as it is on other cameras. Fuji says thats because that’s not what this camera is about.
And Engadget (Click here) says: “the X-Pro1 can produce usable 16-by-20-inch prints even at ISO 25,600, which is the maximum supported sensitivity. Identical images shot with the 5D Mark II showed significant noise in shadow areas, while the Sony Alpha A77 (NEX-7) produced an image that you certainly wouldn’t want hanging on a wall…Again, all of these samples were provided by Fujifilm, and were not the result of independent testing.
The guys from Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) also played with the camera: “Those brave design choices are a big part of why the X-Pro1 is the most endearing system camera we’ve seen in years. We can only really comment on the design and handling since we haven’t been able to run it through our battery of image quality tests. But from what we’ve seen, it’s a sweet, slick shooter.

We really need some independent image quality test soon ;)

P.S.: Still no preorder price at Amazon (Click here).

A Mirrorless size and weight comparison

When it comes to mirrorless cameras the battle is not only about image quality but also about “how small” you can make the camera. (Click here) compared the size and weight of the tiniest cameras from Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus and Sony. You see plenty of graphs and scores on their website. However RiceHigh (Click here) pointed out that the test isn’t perfect.

But my real question is, how small should a mirrorless camera be to be really pocket able? I guess it depends. Amateurs and Mass market want camera with zoom, and i that case the GF3 with the 14-42mm X pancake zoom is the only one that can be seen as very close to common compact cameras. Semi-pro and pro’s may are ok by carrying a pancake with fixed focal length and in that case the Pentax Q is definitely the smallest and lightest cam. But Why get the Pentax Q when the high end compact cameras like the Olympus XZ-1 or Canon S95 have a similar sensor size but do have a bright zoom lens?

New mirrorless reviews roundup…(with triple Samsung lens review).

Ricoh GXR with Voigtländer Heliar 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical II test at

Samsung NX 60mm f/2.8 Macro ED OIS SSA review at Photozone (Click here).

Also the Samsung NX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS II has been tested at Photozone (Click here).

Samsung NX 20-50mm f/3.5-5.6 review at Photozone (Click here).

Fui X100 field test at TheOnlinePhotographer (Click here).

Samsung NX200 review at Letsgodigital (Click here).

Samsung NX200 image samples at Imaging Resource (Click here).

Mirrorless news and review roundup…

Samsung NX200 review at Photographyblog (Click here): “Despite the significant increase in the asking price, making the NX200 more of a serious investment than its predecessor, it still occupies an enviable position in the market, rivalling key competitors like the Sony NEX-7 at a much cheaper cost, whilst outperforming the Micro Four Thirds crowd in terms of image quality at a similar price-point

The Nikon V1 Camera Review – The camera I expected to hate! (Steve Huff).

The Samsung NX200 Camera Review by Vlad Dodan (Steve Huff)

Firmware update for the Leica M9 and M9-p at

Also Ricoh has been affected by the Thailand flood. The GXR A12 mount has been delayed (Adorama).

Fuji X10 Hands-on at Dphotographer.

Fuji X10 ISO test at Focus Numerique.

Fuji X10 review at Photographyblog: “If money’s no object and you want the best compact camera on the market, though, then we can highly recommend the excellent new Fujifilm Finepix X10.

Top 10 Best Mirrorless Compact System Cameras (ePhotozine).

Ricoh GXR P10 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 Sample Photos (ePhotozine).

Mirrorless news roundup (Pentax Q, Samsung NX200 and lens review at Photozone)

DigitalRev Styled Fuji X10 Field Test by TheCameraStoreTV.

Photozone posted a double Samsung lens review and the results are damn good!
1) Samsung NX 30mm f/2 test (Click here): “The Samsung NX 30mm f/2 is a highly attractive pancake lens. It’s very usable at f/2 and f/2.8 and very sharp across the image frame at medium aperture settings. Distortions as well as lateral CAs are minimal and not relevant from a real life perspective.
2) Samsung NX 20mm f/2.8 test (Click here): “Pancake lenses cannot be perfect – the small size simply implies some compromises. However, the Samsung NX 20mm f/2.8 does a pretty good job actually. At f/2.8 you have to live with some corner softness and quite high vignetting. However, the center resolution and contrast is already very decent here.“.

The Pentax Q sensor has been tested at DxOmark (Click here).

Samsung NX200 review at Photoxels (Click here): “The Samsung NX200 is intuitive, delivers great results and easily meets the challenges a serious photographer might throw its way. It’s that rare compact mirrorless DSLR that you pick up and enjoy using right away“.

Fuji X10 ISO test at Focus Numerique (Click here).

Message from David: “I’m an editor for Hardware.Info and would like to bring a review of the new Nikon CX camera’s to your attention on our sister site,
I believe it is one of the first more extensive reviews of these camera’s and therefore perhaps of interest to your visitors. It is in Dutch, but the graphs and test results should be clear even for non-Dutch speakers. A Google translate link is included here as well, with the to be expected terribly mangled English :)
Here’s the original link:
And the Google Translate: