Mirrorless news roundup…(Leica aims for 1% market share)

I didn’t know Leica currently has a market share of 0,15% only! But Andreas Kaufmann said at Frankfurter Allgemeine (german newspaper) that they want to increase the market share to 1% within…10 years! (via Techradar). Hey, sound slike the upcoming mirrorless cameras will be so expensive that only a very few will buy them.

Updated Samsung NX200 Studio Comparison (Dpreview).

Nikon V1 overview (Steve Huff).

Fuji X10 review: TechRadar labs data (Techradar).

Fuji X10 test images (Digital Outback Photo).

Samsung NX200 test at popco (korean)

Mirrorless news roundup (Nikon 1, Pentax Q, Samsung NX200, Fuji X10)

Nikon 1 V1 review at Cnet UK (Click here): “You get a lot of camera for your money with the V1, but that’s still a hefty price to pay. For our money, the J1 is better value, but in the final analysis only a careful balancing of price and specs will identify which is the best camera for you”.

Also the popular german magazine Der Spiegel (Click here) tested the Nikon 1 cameras: “The Nikon system cameras are probably best suited for people shooting cats, kids and everything else that moves fast“.

The next english Nikon review has been posted by Rob Galbraith (Click here): “Low light performance, while much better than an advanced point-and-shoot and probably in the territory of its primary Micro Four Thirds rivals, is no match for the high ISO skills of the D7000, let alone a low light demon like the D3S“.

Pentax Q review at Techradar (Click here): “At the moment, it’s just too expensive compared to high-end compact cameras, and the performance isn’t quite there when likened to similarly-priced compact system cameras“.

Luminous Landscape (Click here) posted a full Fuji X10 review: “The quality of fit, finish and materials is first rate, and belies the camera’s price point. For anyone over the age of forty or so, who remembers when cameras didn’t feel like they were made from molded lumps of polycarbonate, the Fujifilm X-10 will bring a smile to your lips when you handle one, even if you don’t decide to buy it“.

Ricoh’s GXR compact digital camera wins silver award at 2012 German Design Award (Imaging Resource).

Mirrorless news roundup….(X10, X100, M9)

Shawn Low from Cnet Asia (Click here) reviewed the Fuji X10: “the X10 impressed us with its retro classic design, pleasing colors and good low-light performance for its class. However, the poor battery life and high price–at S$999, it’s about 30 percent costlier than competitor models“.

And there are two more Fuji X10 reviews at DC.watch (google translated) and Nikkeibp (Click here)

Cnet UK (Click here) posted a new Leica M9 review: “If you can afford it, and you’re prepared to spend time getting to know the M9 or M9-P, then you’ll be rewarded by some of the best pictures you’ve ever taken. It’s very easy to grab some technically excellent results after just a couple of days’ play.

The invisiblephotographer (Click here) posted a short X100 field review.

DxOmark test: Nikon sensors as good as Micro Four Thirds sensors!

Looking at the images samples floating around the web almost nobody believed the Nikon J1 and V1 sensor could be as good as the bigger Micro Four Thirds sensors. And here comes the latest DxOmark test and tells you exactly the opposite story. According to their tests the sensor of the J1 is exactly as good as the latest 16 Megapixel sensor of the Panasonic G3 and better than the rest of the Micro Four Thirds cameras. Color depth and landscape is slightly better than the G3 and only at High-ISO Micro Four Thirds has a visible advantage. Anyway, Sony still has by far the best sensor of all Mirrorless cameras. The NEX-C3 has 17 more points than the J1 and I bet the new Sony NEX-5n is even better!

Click the links to see the comparisons:
Nikon J1 vs Sony NEX-C3 vs Panasonic G3
Nikon J1 vs Nikon V1 vs Olympus E-P3

Preorder links:
Nikon J1 at [shopcountry 100053].
Nikon V1 at

New Nikon 1 reviews and news roundup.

There is a new 20 page long Nikon J1 review at Digitalcamerainfo (Click here): “If the camera were released three years ago, that might be enough to hail the J1 as the conquering hero many Nikon fans have been waiting for. Instead, it wades into an already crowded pool with a feature set and image performance that is bested in most areas by other cameras already on the market.

Amateur Photographer (Click here) interviewed Mr. Yoshizo Mori (general manager of Nikon’s development department): “The Nikon 1 system was designed with functionality, size, speed and its feature set as a first priority rather than the traditional concerns of the size of the sensor and the number of pixels on it.

Nikon 1 V1 preview at Cameralabs (Click here): “Nikon’s decision to employ a sensor that’s smaller than the APS-C and Micro Four Third sensors used in existing Interchangeable Lens Cameras, ILCs, has disappointed enthusiasts who equate sensor size to quality. And in a respect they are right, as bigger sensors traditionally enjoy greater light gathering power, lower noise and broader tonal dynamic range. Bigger sensors also typically place lower demands on the resolving power of the lens, and for the same coverage as a camera with a smaller sensor, allow a shallower depth-of-field too.

Nikon J1 and V1 first impression at Hybridcams (Click here).

Mirrorless news roundup.

Fuji X100 review at DigitalPhotographySchool (Click here): “This is quite a camera! If only Cartier-Bresson were alive I’m sure he would embrace its street shooting prowess. It will not appeal to the casual shooter: I was (forgive me!) continually searching for the zoom control!

Ricoh M-mount module test at Dc.watch (Click here) and Outbackphoto (Click here). The Ricoh GXR and A12 Leica M Mount Module in Action (ThePhoBlographer). Full review again at ThePhoBlographer.

Pentax Q test at DSLRmagazine (Click here).

Leica Factory Visit – August 2011 at Luminous Landscape.

Samsung NX200 Hands-on Preview at Imaging Resource and Quesabesde.