Canon: The EOS-M is made for women. No plan to make FF mirrorless (for now)

Image courtesy: (Translation here) interviewed the Canon team that developed the EOS-M mirrorless camera. Here are some interesting bits from the interview:

1) From the beginning the goal was to make the EOS-M as good as other EOS DSLR cameras. And to make ir small and light.
2) First goal is to reach a 15% of the mirrorless market share in Japan (by October).
3) Shutter from the EOS DSLR series has been minaturzized to fit into the EOS-M
4) GX1 sales are still strong (production is 30.000 units per month).
5) A Four Thirds sensor would bring an even further advantage in miniaturization but Canon wanted to make it fully EOS compatible.
6) We chosed to have Phase detection pixel on sensor because that technology works better than COntrast AF on moving objects.
7) EOS-M mount can NOT accomodate a FULL FRAME sensor. And there is no plan for a FF mirrorless.
8) No plan for now to make an adpater for FD lenses.

Interesting. They also said the main target are women :)

Canon EOS-M preorder links:
Full presentation page on Amazon.
EOS-M Black at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto. In Europe at Amazon DE, Amazon UK.
EOS-M White at BHphoto. In Europe at Amazon DE, Amazon UK.
EOS-M 22mm pancake at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
EOS-M 15-55mm kit lens at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.
EOS-M adapter at Amazon and BHphoto.
EOS-M Flash at Amazon, Adorama and BHphoto.

  • Miroslav

    Good thinking by Canon developers. Although, they should work a bit more on that PDAF on sensor.

    Btw, I don’t see a point in FF mirrorless cameras. The lenses cannot be made much smaller, so size gain would be minimal. CDAF, ie live view is possible with modern sensors, so that could be easily implemented in FF DSLRs. As for using legacy lenses at their native focal lengths, most would cause problems for digital sensors. The price of cameras wouldn’t be much lower than that of FF DSLR either. So, except for more freedom in body design, taking the mirror out of FF camera would not be as useful as for cameras with smaller sensors. Or am I missing something?

  • Physica


  • Stevey

    Well call me a woman cos I’m seriously interested. Hopefully that lens will give speedy AF and if so, and it is sharp, then I’m in.

    I expect EF-S lenses will focus lethargically so they’ll need to bring out more lenses for this asap. 15-85 please !

    Ironic that the first lens Canon plan to release is exactly the kind of lens NEX is missing; a compact f/2 semi-wide angle affordable prime, and this one thing may be the reason I sell my NEX body for this.

    • Sergio

      girly-man! ;-)

  • Mr.Tritium

    Am I the only one here who think the EOS-M with 22/2 is an absolute dream?
    A compact mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor and a fast 35mm eq. lens is what I’ve been waiting for. Sony didn’t want to make the lens, and Samsung NX have subpar sensors.
    Yes I know, “The Fuji X100 is what you want”. But it costs 1000$ and doesn’t allow you to change the lens.

    • Booe

      >Sony didn’t want to make the lens,

      Sony DID make that lens a year ago, it’s called Zeiss 24/1.8.
      Only issues with it, that it is huge and pricey.

    • ronnbot

      “Am I the only one here who think the EOS-M with 22/2 is an absolute dream?”

      Probably. The IQ of Canon’s APS-C sensor is behind Sony, Nikon, Pentax and Fuji and barely better than current m4/3 (like E-M5). The EOS-M doesn’t have an articulated screen and enough physical controls. There also isn’t an EVF nor support for one. No IBIS and the 22/2 has no IS. List goes on.

      All of the mirrorless systems so far are not perfect, and the EOS-M is not better than any of the existing ones. That said, I still think that over all the m4/3 system is the best of the bunch. I mean, I would rather have an E-M5 (or G5) and 20/1.7 instead to cover a similar FoV.

  • Artichoke

    DUMBASS!!!= “They also said the main target are women.” Do they exist on our planet??? Thankfully, I no longer use Canon equipment.

    • a

      the mirrorless wars will end as soon as sony releases their 1″ sensor’d bridge/superzoom camera. that’s the future of enthusiast photography, and only pros and advanced prosumers will still use ilcs.

  • Gunnar

    what good is a camera for woman with af “supposed” to be faster with moving objects when the AF performance is actually worse than MF on other mirrorless cams.. i have yet to see a Aps-C Canon that has snappy focus coming from anything but full PDAF..

  • T

    way too little too late from Canon.

  • Burmese dude

    Canon EOS-M. Let us bring your inner woman out of you. :D

  • Booe

    7) how do they explain it? The mount is wide enough for FF.
    8) don’t care, the Chinese will make one ;-)

    • ronnbot

      8) exactly. Canon just doesnt want to do it because they don’t make/sell fd lenses and want people to buy new ones.

  • matt

    no ff mirrorless? go to hell canon! with your female cameras!

  • hugo

    15% market share in 3 months with a $800 retail price ? are they kidding ?

  • mando

    So women who are photographers, because they are women want simple cameras? I think they just as like as much of a mirror-less camera with all the tid bits thats FF as much as men :) (I’ll include mothers who like cameras here as well)

    Just saying canon, whose your marketing and rehire please :)

  • a

    probably not in the best interests of this site’s owner to post a headline that promotes the idea that mirrorless cameras are for women. ;)

  • beautemps

    Useless first attempt of Canon. They are facing a big gap of know how in mirrorless technology. It is obvious for everebody and the only feeble excuse of canon marketing is “the main target are women”! Funny and discrimenating.
    Where the hell are the pink, red and white cameras?? Why “EOS-M” and not “EOS-F” or “EOS-sweet” :-).
    – “Shutter from the EOS DSLR series has been minaturzized to fit into the EOS-M”: for a successful new mirrorless an electronic shutter is a must have!
    – “We chosed to have Phase detection pixel on sensor because that technology works better than COntrast AF on moving objects.”: AF-Tracking without an EVF is total useless. The Sensor phase detection might find the moving object but the fotografer on the LCD won’t succeed!
    They somehow missed the market needs with their first mirrorless attempt.

    • Bah

      May be they should name it EOS-Kiss. Oh wait! there is already an EOS-Kiss

  • Ashwin

    Just in case no one has cried over Full Frame let me do the honors. NO FULL FRAME CAPABILTIES? NO WAY! WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH , GOOGITY WAAAAAHHHH!

  • Peter @ canon lens review

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