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Canon patent discloses kit lens for mirrorless system and APS-C sensor!

The question now is not if Canon will do a mirrorless camera or not. The real question is when is it coming? The last patent discovered by the japanese Egami website (Clcik here) dicsloses a new 18-45mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens for mirrorless camera with ASP-C sensor (That is what Egami reports). The lens has a spherical aberration of 0.1mm ±, astigmatism less than 0.2 ±, a wide-angle distortion of -11% and chromatic aberration is about 0.6?m ±.

And I guess it’s about time for Canon to announce the mirrorless camera as soon as possible. The G1 X alone will not stop the growth of the competition. And also reviewers from top websites are thinking the same:
The guys from Cnet (Click here) reviewed the G1 X: “A big camera capable of shooting some lovely photographs, the Canon PowerShot G1 X’s slow lens disappoints given its high price“.
Also Digitalcamerainfo (Click here) tested the camera: “We see the PowerShot G1 X as a miss for Canon. We had a lots of fun shooting with it, and love the shots we were able to capture. But with the $800 price tag, and the explosion of the mirrorless camera, there are too many better, cheaper options available to list. This is a fine camera, but one we cannot recommend.

It’s time Canon!

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