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Canon might announce the new EOS M7 soon and then kill the system after the release :)

PersonalView shared this apparently paradox rumor: They say Canon will announce a new EOS-M7 in late 2020 and then kille the EOS-M line entirely in 2021. This is what they write:

Rumored EOS-M7 specs

  • 32mp APS-C sensor with DPAF II
  • IBIS
  • Slightly renewed DIGIC LSI
  • Cheap EVF, 2.36Mdots
  • Dual SD Cards, speed limits are same as 4 years old cameras
  • 12fps serial shooting, without AF active
  • 4K from 24p to 60p, using all APS-C sensor sampling
  • 1080p up to 120p (overheating at 120fps)
  • CLog mode for marketing purposes
  • $1599 price

Canon plans to destroy whole M lineup and all lenses as soon as 2021, but as camera had been developed for long they plan to sell it first.

Don’t know if the rumor is correct…but I know the EOS-M line makes no sense at all. Just keep the EOS-R system and cut the costs!

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