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Canon Italy makes harakiri while answering to the stolen Elia Locardi image scandal !!!

As reported days ago by Petapixel, Fstoppers and Fujirumors Canon Italy posted an image where the sky part seems to be “stolen” from Fuji photographer Elia Locardi.

Canon Italy finally answered the critic and showed their excelelnt art of self-distruction:

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your comments on our post and flagging your concerns! We’ve taken this image from a website, dedicated to copyright-free photography. The image was taken by photographer @gregpaulmiller on a Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, with the following settings: ISO 100, f/6.3, shutter speed 2 seconds according to the website We do see the similarity with the image taken by Elia Locardi, though, the images have various identifiable differences including seasonal changes and additional elements like the people walking or sitting on the sides of the banks.
We always try to inspire our community when highlighting user generated content and hope that by posting this photo we have inspired others to take amazing pictures as well.

So Canon completely ignored that it’s the SKY that photographer @gregpaulmiller has probably stolen from Elia Locardi’s image. Canon marketing has surely seen all critics all over the world about that but ignored them and pointed at the difference on the people. This is a total HARAKIRI of Canon’s marketing and it shows they don’t give a damn to photographers copyright issues. They are hiding behind the fact that this image is from @gregpaulmiller.

I understand that shit happens sometimes. But it shows greatness to apologize for that. But Canon went the other way and turned the back on the issue.

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