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Canon has a major mirrorless event in mid May. Something big to be announced?

Our trusted sources told us that Canon invited them to a major event in mid May. This includes a flight and a stay in a luxury hotel. Canon told them this event is related to the mirrorless system and specifically to the Canon EOS-M50.

So here the facts do end. And the speculation goes wild for the following reasons:

  1. The sources told us many people were invited and many of them got a Canon invitation for the very first time! Quite an effort for an EOS-M50.
  2. Canon is creating such a big event to talk about a camera that was announced three months ago?

We have no reliable info yet but everyone here is thinking there must be more than just a 2 days talk about the EOS-M50. What if Canon will take the chance to finally announce a FF mirrorless? Just speculation for now but I hope to get some more info soon!

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