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Canon G1 X preview and images samples (dpreview, lenstip, electr0nista,slashgear and more)

Th most high end of all high end compact camera is getting tested by many websites. The Canon G1 X should become the first camera to compete against the mirrorless world which is currently dominated by Olympus-Panasonic-Sony. The most amazing achievement from Canon is certainly that tiny 4x zoom lens. It proves that Canon mirrorless system could offer soom nice pancake zooms. As Canon managers revealed last week, small size is one of the two main aspects of their futureĀ  inetrchangeable mirrorless system (the other aspect is “image quality”). So here are the G1 X related news:
Lenstip (Click here) posted a set of full size Canon G1 X image sample.
Dpreview (Click here) updated their preview including some image samples.
Electronista (Click here) also “played” a it with the camera.

And here is a video from Slashgear:

Preorders are available at Amazon (Click here), Adorama (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

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