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Canon finally says they will focus on mirrorless system camera development!


CanonWatch spotted and interesting interview made by Asciijp with Canon manager Yagi Koichi:

Canon Marketing Japan Imaging System Company, president Yagi Koichi Managing Executive Officer [says] “in the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2015, we have been able to ship a lot of mirror-less […] cameras, [but we are] not yet satisfied […]. At present [we are working on] new products, but [we can not] mention, the third quarter in 2016, towards the fourth quarter and that the mirror-less market is forecast to grow, Canon’s share of the mirror-less camera market [in the last] two years ago [was] the 4. position, we want to aim at the 3. position [intended as ranking, editor’s note]. By all means [we want to get the] second place this year […]. And, because second place [is the] middle of the goal, [as] soon as possible [we] want to take the seat of the number one[…].

Within the interview Canon makes it clear:

  1. They want to focus on the mirrorless system camera development
  2. They hint more “premium” (FF?) mirrorless system cameras could come in late 2016
  3. They want to become the second player on the market (behind Sony). This would mean surpass MFT and Fuji within 2016.

I am not sure what Canon’s plan is. The EOS-M system has basically ZERO lens development. So if they are going FF will they abandon APS-C lens development just like Sony did?

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