Canon EOS-M hands-on review video by Kai from Digitalrev.

Watch the video to see if Kai likes the Canon EOS-M or not! I hope to receive my preorder soon to test it for my own too. And Digitalrev ishaving the camera in Stock and ready to ship worldwide (Click here).

  • Boris

    Very humorous, as always from Kai. I wonder if the NEX cameras are any faster at focusing Sony’s DSLR lenses.

    • Gunnar

      The Nex works as fast as the alphas with the alpha-lenses as the adapter not only provides full PD af but also the screwdrive motor so it even works with older lenses without internal motor..

  • DDT

    looks like one sucky cam lmao

  • nosterdamnus

    I have this feeling that tells me Kai will goof off with the camera and then all the dorks who subscribed to the videos will wet their pants collectively online. I wonder why?

  • Kate

    I really do not like DigitalRev reviews. Only a lot of silly and childish jokes

    • Izumi

      I agree. They just seem to get sillier and sillier.
      I reckon we’d get more sense out of his girlfriend.

    • kongqueror

      It may be silly but his reviews are pretty spot-on. From his EOS-M review, my take aways are:
      – is that it does great images up to ISO 3200
      – but it’s AF and lack of controls that lets it down.
      – It’s basically a 650D in live-view mode which is why it lags it’s mirrorless rivals.
      – The lack of controls are to protect Canon’s SLRs.

      • Zoeff

        My thoughts exactly. His review answers what I can’t find in any other review – How it handles in everyday life. He clearly showed that it’s designed to protect canon’s dSLR investments. I wouldn’t be surprised to see very few native lenses released for this camera in the coming years, it’s just there so canon can claim to be in the mirrorless market.

      • Tomtom


  • brett

    That guy is a tool.

    The camera looks good, but the battery is too small. Too bad could have been a great video mirrorless. IQ blows the door off point and shoots.

    Canon should be more like Apple and become fearless about cannibalizing themselves. They could have made the best EVIL camera but they CHOSE not to! WTF!?

    Looks like i’ll buy a NEX6 or 7 instead. Most of my shooting will still be with 5 d mII. No one looks willing to totally step up to the plate in the EVIL realm. Oh well………….

    • kongqueror

      “No one looks willing to totally step up to the plate in the EVIL realm.”

      How long have you been hiding under your rock? Nex-7/6, OMD, X1/X-E1, GH3… It’s Nikon and Canon who are not stepping up.

      • Mike

        Nikon did step up to the plate with the most compact (lenses) and fastest mirrorless offering on the market. It is also the most future-proof compact system because sensors will keep getting better and those APS-C lenses will NOT get smaller.

        • Tomtom

          “sensors will keep getting better”

          How long will they keep getting better? They reach physical limits sooner or later. A Full Frame camera with 24MegaPixels at 1/3200s and ISO 3200 in f/16 will get around 20 photons per pixel.
          Even the best sensor without electronic noise will have physical noise here, because one pixel will get 19, the other will get 21 photons under the same light.

          I read elsewhere that current sensors still add one f-stop of electronic noise. Can anyone confirm this?

          If this was the case, the current NEX will never be beaten by any future Nikon Vwhatever, because sensor development can only equalize the advantage on sensor size.

  • Shawn

    I like DigitalRev reviews. Silly or not, Kai is not afraid of trashing a product’s shortcomings. Most other reviews only say good stuffs to please manufactures.

  • DanInNYC

    About 30 seconds worth of useful info in a 13 minute “review.” What nonsense. Why, exactly, did he spend the whole time running through the streets? The guy’s a bit full of himself.

    The EOS-M auto-focus does indeed suck. I played with the camera this past weekend at the Canon booth at the photo expo at the Javits Center here in NYC. I had trouble shooting stills of the Canon reps, and they were just standing there behind a desk. Who knows what would have happened if I tried to shoot a moving object.

    What was really depressing was the EOS-M was right next to the PowerShot G1 X on the desk, and the controls on the Powershot are so much more useful.

    • Andrea Thode

      Everything you said, +1

  • luca.v

    Well, Kai reviews are not so silly. DigitalRev invests a huge amount of money in this, and it does it in a good way. We mus not take it as a deep pro review for pros, that is another story. I like them coz reviews are interesting, appealing, sometimes a bit smarter than they want to look.
    With kind words says Canon is the shitty way to pack 650D contents, and that a digital camera is made of something more than a wonderful sensor plus electronics (because nowdays is, finally, something mature) Nikon evils are at least appealing for a piece of the market(NOT ME)

  • John

    I agree DigitalRev is one of the few places that will not gloss over a major flaw in the description, take the X-pro auto-focus, some sites were saying things like “the auto-focus could be a bit better” or “we hope the auto-focus comes up to speed” while Kai came out and said its frustration inducing and below other mirrorless offerings at the time AND he also has pointed out its great high ISO and image quality, all joking aside that is a great description of the product. Sure he has preferences but honestly I find his honest explanation of those preferences preferable to the almost “please everybody to get more free test products” method used by way way too many video reviews out there.

  • digitalrevfan

    i’m laughing at all the youtube comments. alot of canon fans getting riled up against kai.

    • mai

      It’s cause kai caters to dorks. He who likes a dork.

  • Mice

    They only had 1 hour to test the camera, and it was still more interesting than “lol I unbox this ___” video reviews.

  • Mike

    The only redeeming point of the EOS M is that it exposes most mirrorless systems for just repackaging an entry-level 650D/D3200-style camera and selling it for twice the price (NEX, Fuji, etc…)

  • Nico Foto

    I’d rather have Kai’s reviews than a pile of factoids from the spec sheet or product literature. I wanna see how a camera handles, how it fares in the real world, how it operates, and how it fits in a photographer’s workflow. I believe DigitalRev reviews are spot on regarding that. You may not like his style, but he surely talks about photography, not pixel peeping yadda yadda.

  • Brook

    Was anyone else annoyed at all the walking and running? If you only have an hour with a camera, stay put and just shoot pictures of what’s around you, there’s more than enough subjects all around us, all the time, to get interesting shots that can help determine image quality and usability. I watch this guy out of boredom and because I, and I think many, many others, are basically addicted to reading and watching camera tech emerge, but I almost always end up irritated by this guy.

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