Canon EOS-M crazy $300 off on BH. And new FW update released.

I have no doubt Canon will soon announce a new EOS-M camera having that crazy 70D Dual Pixel AF sensor. And today Canon launched an incredible $300 off(!) on all EOS-M kits at BHphoto (Click here). Now you pay $299 for the camera with pancake!

If you buy the camera install the new Canon EOS M Firmware Version 2.0.2 (Canon US). You will get a much faster AF!

Deal found via

  • Brian

    Tempting, but since the system is nearly non-existent and the fact that the EOS-M is as slow as molasses, I still wouldn’t want to be stuck with it. It’s a great deal if you know what you’re after, but nowhere near as good as the Sony or Panasonic deals that make you actually want to jump in the system.

    • Corbin Dallas

      Have you actually ever tried the M? I was sold on the NEX 3 because of all the malarkey about the M’s AF being unusable. But being a Canon DSLR shooter I had to at least try it myself because of its awesome kit lens options and EF adaptor, so I tried it in store and was blown away that the AF worked just fine, not lightning quick like a PEN, but certainly fast enough for everyday use. So I bought it and haven’t regretted it since. In fact the new firmware more than doubled the AF speed.

      Not only that, if there’s one thing Canon knows and has always known, it is lenses. Both of the current EF-M lenses are evidence of this. They already have a very innovative UWA zoom on the way and many more are bound to follow.

      Keep nay saying, in the end you’re simply wrong.

      • laborn james

        Lol pathetic fanboy. Lolololol. The camera and the pancake kit is not that bad. But once you compare it to other mirrorless system its is worse than worse! Even the sony nec lineup of lens is considered lacking lets alone 2 lens system haha. Youre the worse fanboy ive encountered.

        • Corbin Dallas

          Again, this is Canon… look at their lens lineup. It’s very rare for Canon to release a mediocre lens.

          Yes, other options have more lenses, but all of those options come with very mediocre kit lenses. Both of Canon’s kit lenses are quite good, and both are cheap to buy separately. Any respectable lens on M4/3, Fuji or Sony all cost upward of $400. Canon’s offering is exactly what I wanted from a mirrorless system, a backup to my main camera. I wanted something small, light and compact that I could take with me everywhere but also had the ability to be used as a backup to my other camera if need be, it delivers in all areas. If I wanted to go full mirrorless, for the time being I would’ve opted for an Olympus OM-D, but I don’t see the point of that since I shoot on a full frame DSLR and if I’m going to have something that isn’t pocketable, I’m sticking with that.

          I also love how people fail to recognize that with the EF adapter the M actually has access to FAR more lenses than any other mirrorless system combined. The M had a bad rep at launch, and rightfully so. It had slower than the competition AF and a super high price tag. But now the AF is faster and the kit is regularly found for $400 or less, making it one heck of a deal over most of the competition, especially when you see the RAW files the camera produces. Not only that, with the improved functionality randomly introduced with the EOS 70D I’d say it’s fairly obvious that a new M is on the horizon.

          Canon isn’t one to release a system then abandon it, in fact they have a track record of coming late to the game, being mocked and then years down the road setting the standard for the industry.

          So again, keep nay saying, time will tell who’s right.

          • bert

            @ Corbin

            as you have both systems, can you tell me something about the AF speed and accuracy of the EOS m with the EF-lenses now with the new firmware?

            I think, if a new M2 gets the 70D sensor, a good EVF like the OM-D and some new and good lenses, it will change the mirrorless market at once…

  • sygyzy

    Is this the next Nikon V1?

    • Corbin Dallas

      If by both systems you mean Canon EF and EF-M then yes, but the M is the only mirrorless system I own, I’ve used others though. The M’s AF is still not as quick as an Olympus and it lags a little behind Sony, but it’s very useable in everyday situations (which is what I need mine for). I shot some gymnastics in a fairly dimly lit gym last week and it did just fine, if the shots weren’t useable it was because I wasn’t satisfied with the exposure, not the focus.

      I think you’re absolutely right about the 70D sensor and AF being a game changer for the mirrorless world and I’d be shocked if Canon wasn’t planning on putting that in the next M bodies (they’re rumored to be releasing 2 new bodies this fall). The new AF system, new sensor and WiFi would be enough reason for me to upgrade to the new body. I initially bought my M thinking I’d only use it a little bit, but I actually use it about as much as I use my DSLR, it’s incredibly handy to have such a hugely capable compact camera.

  • One More Thought

    The system has value. We know that Canon is not going to go away in the camera market, and it is almost a certainty that they are not going to discontinue the M system. Therefore, we can easily assume that Canon will be releasing future models and new lenses. We know that Canon knows how to build a system and launch world class quality lenses.

    With the firmware update, the EOS M is no longer so slow, and a new M model at some point will likely use their super fast AF that they debuted in the new 70D.

    So I would not bet against Canon. In fact given Canon’s history they may be the best bet. If we revisit the mirrorless market in a few years, we may see things have changed quite a bit.

    • bert

      I´m with you..

      in fact Canon was never the first with new features. Not with TTL- flash, not with AF.
      But in the end they set the standard.

  • ginsbu

    Thanks for the heads up. Picking one up later today to try. I already have an E-M5 as my system camera, but wanted something a little more compact with a 35mm-equivalent FoV fast lens. I’d prefer a fixed, retracting lens design more like the Ricoh GR, but the EOS-M seems to be the closest available right now and there’s little risk at $299 (especially when the Olympus 17/1.8 goes for $499 alone!). Hopefully the AF speed with the new firmware is adequate for my uses.

  • Jun

    I was happy when I played the camera little bit. And I like the feeling of grabbing it. It felt so solid and felt like it is well pack inside. I hope it get better in the future model. So maybe I can consider buy the new model over Fuji maybe. The camera’s IQ was good. For this price tag, it is really worth it for people who has canon ef lenses and DSLR.

  • kodachromeguy

    I am not convinced $300 off is a crazy good deal because this camera was introduced at such an extravagant high price. At $199, it will be a good buy, in my opinion.

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