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Big rumor: Panasonic revives the L1 and makes a hell of a MFT camera out of it!

Panasonic is close to launch the first MFT camera with built-in titlable EVF in the corner. It will also have that cool Panasonic L1-LC1 design (they were FT mount cameras). And it doesn’t stop hear. They will also match one of the features that was a unique feature from Olympus…in body stabilization! Basically Panasonic put all most requested features in one single package. The camera will also feature a brand new 18 Megapixel sensor (highest resolution sensor of any MFT camera). The camera is going to be announced in mid-late August and I am sure it will sell like hotcakes!

  • madmax

    LC1 was a compact (not very compact) camera with small 2/3″ sensor and L1 was a reflex camera for 4/3. Only design was similar. This said, I´d very much like Panasonic also launch a LC1 like compact camera with a bigger sensor on it and the same awesome f/2.0-2.4 fast lens.

  • Khuzul

    Too bad about sensor size.

    Typo: “And it doesn’t stop hear” -> “And it doesn’t stop here”

  • Gekopaca

    Hummmm… It’ sounds good!
    I will be in Japan for late december; hope I will able to find one there!

  • luka

    They should try making a camera with no LCD sreen and just put a larger and superb EVF.
    It would make the camera smaller , cheaper and giving room for better construction of the sensor.

    • Joel

      I have been wishing for a camera with superb EVF an no LCD for a long time. With my G1 I always kept the LCD stowed.

      I only wish Panasonic will implement high quality focus peaking

  • Vivek

    Admin: What is with this “Titlable” EVF? New tech?

  • Adriaantie

    Lol, Fuji X-Pro1 with tiny sensor.

    • homoman

      Adriaantie, you are the one for me

  • Adriaantie

    But, damn it looks good.

  • mirrorless

    Looks very good.. If it has smaller body than Fuji X-Pro1.

  • The Beauty Queen 2013

    lol MFT, no thanks. Though looks stunning.

  • Anonymous

    WIll this be the first manufacturer ever to offer IS in both lens AND body? Dayum. Hopefully there will be a 3 way switch on the body for no IS, lens IS and Body IS. Hopefully this will be successful in going up against the NEX-6/7.

    • Ranger 9

      You can get that “feature” now by mounting a Panasonic lens on an Olympus body. It’s not really very useful.

  • Ranger 9

    I’m baffled as to why everyone is so excited about getting a camera with the finder eyepiece on the left end rather than toward the middle. I like real rangefinder cameras — that’s what I learned on, and I still have an Epson R-D 1 — but that eyepiece placement has at least as many disadvantages as advantages. It makes the camera inconvenient to hold for vertical shots, and it’s difficult for left-eyed viewers to use. The only advantage is that right-eyed viewers can hold the camera next to the nose rather than over the bridge of the nose — and often the finder eyepiece is inset too much to allow that anyway.

    Besides, traditional rangefinder cameras weren’t designed this way on purpose — it was just a necessity on some models to fit the rangefinder optics next to the winding mechanism. If you look at classic screw-mount Leicas, for example, their finder eyepieces are more toward the middle, almost in line with the lens.

    So I’d say this is a case of people wanting a feature because “it looks so cool” rather than because there are real picture-taking advantages.

    • karlos

      There are many right-eyed shooters that welcome this new placement. Most photog uses their right eye I presume.

  • Wowsers

    As I recall, the LC1 had a 2/3″ sensor with non-interchangeable lens, while L1 had a 4/3″ sensor with interchangeable lens. So which way Panny will go with this camera?

    Would hope it will use a similar fast, Leica-designed, vario summicron lens (f2) as they used in the LC1, because it was this lens that made that camera a true stand-out, in addition to great ergonomics and available all-manual operation. Also hope Leica will launch their own branded version of the camera, as they did with the Digilux2. Would love having a built-in, high quality EVF, IBIS, and 18MP sensor!

  • Camaman

    This means another thing as well…

    Leica mirrorless entry system coming soon…

    • Libby

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • Vivek

    Admin: You seem to be missing out on the Leica Mini. Apparently, it will not be a rebadged Pana GX2! That itself is VERY big news! :D

  • Kevin

    the only thing i don’t like about panasonic cameras is the color saturation is way too high on the jpegs… especially the reds.

    otherwise, looks like a very retro camera! (like my x pro 1 better though) 8)

  • Nicolas Brodard

    Well, nice, but much too late. Many of us have switched to Fuji! I said bye bye to Panasonic a few months ago already.

  • Frosti7

    I’m praying for the “weather sealing” god

    • Timccr

      Me too

  • JUN

    Nice design. Like it a lot. Except the “PANASONIC” logo. It is kinda mismatching the design. They should have engrave LUMIX on the front and on top of the pop-up flash should be Panasonic. Just my opinion.

  • tecnoworld

    Very nice, I prefer this to olympus cameras. If I were to step back to m4/3, this would be my choice. But I already have aps-c and nx system from samsung and, for now, it gives better results for me than m4/3. I only miss ibis.

  • vfcs

    High time! The LC-1 was my favourite camera, a one-off classic. Quite bulky for a compact but amazingly handy with sharp, fast lens. I even shot magazine cover with the 5MP in good light. 5 seconds single RAW buffer was a nightmare though, and high ISO was out of the question.
    The LC-1 was the first take on rangefinder style mirrorless, groundbreaking. I was unimpressed with the L-1. In this category, you simply don’t need to change lenses. The fixed 28-90 mm fast zoom with relatively close focus distance (compared to 0.7m on the Leica M it’s bordering on macro!), analogue everything (aperture ring on the lens barrel: how innovative!, huh? competition took years to adapt the idea), small but high and bouncable (45 degree!) pup-up flash – unbeatable.

    Hope they fit it with a 4/3 sensor at least, and a killer fast small zoom. This would eliminate sensor dust issues as well. I’m all for fast primes on a pro camera, but those 3.5-5.6 kit zooms give me the creeps, while Zuiko fast primes are overkill in this category.

  • safaridon

    Its not just a case of people liking the rangefinder style better or thinking it is cool or that it has picture taking advantages. To me I prefer the look and quality feel of a rangefinder style metal camera better than the plastic or even metal DSLR style camera. A further consideration is a question of space and portability. You can get only one DSLR style camera with hump into a small camera bag while in the same space you could put two small rangefinder bodies and lenses as not practical to store lens on top of hump for fear of damaging it. I could get two GF1s into same space as one DSLR. Thus you are much more likely to have a small rangefinder type camera with you all the time so you can take the picture. Just my opinion but I travel a lot and space is a major consideration as I usually take several cameras and camcorder along.

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