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BCN reports that Canon and Nikon have lost their full-size war agaist Sony this year

BCNranking reported the full year Japan sales stats of the tree big companies. And it’s a clear defeat fro Canon and Nikon!

The graph on top shows that Sony managed to increase unit and value sales in all areas. Canon and Nikon reported losses in all segments with the one single exception of the Canon FF unit sales that went up 6% (but value sales were down 7%).

Sony sales increased in all areas:

– Overall: 19% unit and +32% in value sales
– APSC: 19% unit and +44% in value sales
– Full Frame: 18% unit and +17% in value sales

As a result this year Sony managed to surpass Canon in the FF market:

What’s also interesting to see is this graph that shows how FF is still a small market compared to non-FF (APS-C and MFT) cameras:

Would have been nice to se what other companies like Olympus-Pentax-Panasonic are doing but BCN shared no data on them.

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