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Back in time: Amazing Samsung NX500 almost better than Sony 6400!

You still get the Samsung NX500 on Amazon for quite a big price. This because it’s still an amazon camera!

Markus just tested the NX500 and compared it with the brand new Sony A6400:

Wow is the best way to describe using the Samsung NX500 and the pictures and video it takes- the stuff looks 3D! Amazing color, creamy soft backgrounds, fun interface and easy to use. It has more megapixels than the Sony 6400, more dynamic range, a Super AMOLED screen with more resolution than the Sony… almost HALF the weight and just as powerful. This camera was years ahead of everyone else, yet Samsung decided to stop making cameras for some reason. You can find them on Ebay and they still cost quite a bit because people know how good they are. I love this camera so much, I have 3 of them. I use it often to make Youtube videos. Enjoy this video to learn more and see images taken with this wonderful camera.

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