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Another no-rumor: Nikon FF being tested in the field :)

Seeing how the Canon FF mirrorless “no-rumor” went viral I will make up one too:

Nikon is testing a new Full Frame mirrorless system camera in the field :)

Do I have that from a source? Of course not. It’s just obvious they are doing this right now in order to be ready for the late 2018-early 2019 launch. At that point I do welcome real sources to share the possible specs of this new Nikon FF mirrorless camera. My safe bet is that this will have a new 40+ Megapixel sensor with a lot of on sensor phase detection pixels. I am sure both Nikon and Canon understand that autofocus performance is the key. And the autofocus has to be work same on native and adapted F and EF lenses to make it easy for current DSLR owners to make the switch.

In general I doubt Nikon and Canon are after the Sony basis. Their goal is to make their own current DSLR user basis switch over to their own mirrorless system.

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