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An exciting announcement is (finally!) coming from Samsung!

Until now Samsung didn’t manage to grab any sensible share of the mirrorless system camera market. But from what we heard now Samsung is going to release a camera completely re-engeered from ground up. Innovative sensor, innovative autofocusing system and many other new features will be implemented in the new NX1 camera.

The camera should be announced within the next 10 days already. But I am still not 100% sure about the specs. All I got about the NX1 is from an anonymous source and I certainly hope these are right:

Body looks like Mamiya 6 (big rangefinder with grip).
New EVF with highest res on market and new technology.
Sensor with 28MP. No isocell, but improved dr. Best performance on the market at high iso.
New user interface based on newer tizen. Big touch screen but plenty of physical controls.
Continuous af up to 10fps with focus tracking enabled, second gen OSPDAF with more af points than a6000.
Presentation around sep 2014, availability nov 2014.
Splash + dust proof.
Price 1300$ body only.
Kit with 1650 zoom 2300$.

In summary: Best sensor, best EVF, best AF. Sounds like a possible game changer!

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