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All announcements between October 8 and October 18.

I am trying to collect the exact announcement dates for all photo companies. I now learned that Ricoh-Pentax, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, Sony and Fuji will have product announcements exactly between October 8 and October 18. Six announcements within 10 days. And while I am still not 100% certain there could be an Olympus and Samsung announcement too!

Ricoh-Pentax and Nikon will announce new DSLR stuff.
Canon the new EOS-M2 (and likely new lenses)
Panasonic the new ultra compact G, the 42,5mm Nocticron and the 12-32mm compact zoom.
Olympus the XZ-3 (not sure about the name yet)
Samsung the leaked NEX300M
Fuji likely a new X-E2
Sony the new NEX-9, the NEX-7R and four new FE (FullFrame E-mount Lenses)

Sound slike PhotoPlus show in new York will become as famous as the Photokina show in Koeln!!! :)

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