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A new “Fuji legendary fullframe rumor” is circulating right before the press release.

Today at 9pm London time Fuji will announce the new X PRO 1 camera. As you know you can I am going to follow live the Fuji announcement by updating this website with all news, reviews and image samples. And as it is usual before the announcement new rumors are floating around the web. There is one particular rumor saying that Fuji will announce the development of a Full Frame mirrorless and interchangeable system. As usual take those rumors with a grain of salt but I would not be surprised to hear that Fuji will give us some hints about their future lineup. They usually do that and they could do it today too!

From top to bottom this could be the new X camera order:
– X FF camera system
– X PRO 1 APS-C camera system
– X 100 (enthusiast fixed lens camera. Already in Stock: [shopcountry 100018].)
– X S1 (entry level super zoom camera. Preorders just started at Adorama)
– X 10 (entry level compact camera already in Stock: [shopcountry 100018].)

Announcement time Reminder:
4pm NYC time (16:00)
9pm London time (21:00)
10pm Berlin time (22:00)
6am Tokyo time (06:00)

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