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A gentle letter to the one blog owner who is somehow „Lost“

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There is currently a guy I really (no joke!) do admire a lot. And he somehow started to misbehave towards this and other rumors sites. And this ended up with him:

  1) Deleting my comments on his own well-known blog
2) Spreading shit on this site while at the same time copying the rumors without credit.

As I happen to know that this is really a good man I know that this behavior is not good and not natural for him. I cannot think that behaviour is something good for his every day life. It would mean to live with fear, hatred, anxiousness every single day. So my message for him is the following: I am fine, and you don’t have to take care or worry about me. Do always as you wish and think about me whatever you want. I will not become aggressive if you “steal from me”, I will never hurt you.  I will not follow you there and I will not feed my own “demons” into this.
But this part is serious for you: Take care about you. Don’t become something you are not. That deep black hole you are in will eat you up. I have been through that as I have to deal with mental “demons” too. It’s part of the challenge of life.

That said I will yet keep quiet and not express me anymore about that “story”. A big hug :)

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