Wild rumors: Nikon to launch a complete new system based on the Sony 50MP medium format sensor!


This is really a wild rumor but I got it via some trusted source. He says that he “heard” about a new Nikon camera system that could be launched at Photokina. And the first camera will feature the current Sony 50MP medium format sensor used by all newest generation Hasselblad, Phase one and Pentax MF cameras!

  • Sebastian Boatca

    What’s the point for 50mp sensor if the lenses cannot cope with such high resolution?

    • Dogbytes

      It would be medium format – so new, suitably specified, lenses.

      • Simen1

        Who says they can’t?

        Remember when lenses was tested on 12 Mp Nikon D3 and found to be slightly optical limited, then retested on 24 Mp D3X and they suddenly resolved far more details, but still not quite up to 24 Mp sensor, and retested again on the 36 Mp D800 and found to resolve almost as much as the sensor there too?

        • iudex

          It is pointless to think about current lenses handling 50 MPx medium format sensor since MF will have new (bigger) mount so competely new lenses will be needed.
          However I do not believe in Nikon introducing medium format camera, since the investments in a completely new system would be huge and hardly economical. There is almost nothing that 36 MPx fullframe would not cope with (and maybe next gen D900 will have 40 or more MPx).

      • ohm image

        Nikon already have a slew of LF lenses for 4×5 and larger. Many of them sell for chips. If the camera was modular (I hope), the back could be detached and used on a 4×5 camera or even something like the Novoflex BALPRO T/s with any lens.

    • ohm image

      As said below, the lenses are fine. Even very old LF lenses can keep up with a Sony A7r, whose line resolution is higher than a 50mp medium format back.

  • Espen Braathen

    Why is a medium format sensor bigger than a full frame sensor? Is “full frame” for 35 mm size sensors just bogus marketing?

    • iudex

      Study photo history a bit (especially the beginning of digital era). 😉
      P.S: there is no logic in sensor size denomination, 1/2,3″, 1/1,7″ etc., but it is so deeply rooted that noone ever thought of changing that.

  • Paulo Moreira

    This is not the first time that this rumour appears. Some years ago, when Leica launched the S System, Nikon was mentioned to be evaluating it. I agree with Leica’s choice of format and escaping from 35 mm rivals. Nikon is no stranger to medium and big format, they have equipped Bronica cameras, Plaubel and others, the question is if there is room for one more. By going very upmarket, Leica style, Nikon could have a bigger profit margin as DSLRs sales are declining. Remember Contax, they came from nowhere and quicky became a reference in medium format, if done right, Nikon could pull the same trick without any problems.

  • Martin

    This seem highly unlikely.

    Could Nikon decide to build a new lens mount and some lenses for it? Sure, but a mirrorless one able to cope with APS-C and FF sensors would be much, much, much higher on their agenda then a medium format camera …

    The medium format market is so tiny in economic terms it would be rather pointless to enter it. Particularly since they are already pretty good at competing for pretty much the same type of customers anyway with their D800/D800E/D810 …

  • Dante Santos

    I doubt this rumor is true. The MF digital market is miniscule, Nikon already has to design and market three lens types already, and stitching full-frame images gives you MF digital quality anyway. The market of people who would want another MF digital choice over Phase and Pentax (ha) is very, very, very small….