I cannot guarantee the info is correct. But if what I got from that anonymous sources is true than the NEX-7 successor certainly looks like a well done upgrade! Here are the specs:



same with as nex7 but the lens Mount will be moved 3mm on the left
3mm taller
lens Mount 3mm deeper so lens will come out 3mm less
bigger grip. taller,deeper and wider, due to new battery and better grip feeling.increased volume by 2.9cubiccm
slimmer rear screen design.8.2cm diagonal 1,080dots.same movement as nex 7
magnesium alloy construction dust sealed. weight 23grams more
NP-FM500 battery
standard hotshoe
new popup flash unit with tilting capability
trinavi button layout, customizable rec button

new unit
100% coverage
1,25x magnification
eyepoint 24mm
2560x1920 resolution + 2 stop dinamic range
consumption -12% due to new copper circuit

new aps-c unit 6000x4000px
cmos evf 15.1dr 25.1colordepht
phase detection chip 92% area 2.2 million split pixels
aa filter
iso range 100-25600. auto iso customizable 100-6400
improved iso performance by 1.24 stops over iso 3200
file size L-M-S and RAW-mRAW-sRAW
12-8-6-3 fps continuos shooting with autofocus
new for nex system 5axis steadyshot inside up to 4 stop shake reduction. bypass the oss in lens for battery saving. works with LA-EA2 and stabilizes a Mount lenses

more bits:
WIFI built in
no confirmation about the name
a bundle Zeiss lens for the launch. 16-80 f2.8-4. i don't know much about the performance but the decision to move the lens Mount to the left is due to allow the fitting of larger but shorter lenses. i mounted personally a model of the 16-80 to the new body and i can tell you is 68mm wide x 62mm long when closed for 302gr without hood.

the first unit are now to be tested


Sounds great!


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