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Is the new E-M1 just an updated E-M5 with PDAF sensor?

The latest E-M1 specs leaked by photorumors suggests that the upcoming High End OMD may be a slightly updated E-M5 with PDAF sensor. It has the E-P5 specs, VF-4 viewfinder (integrated) and OMD design. The major news is the on sensor PDAF which will add 100% support on Four Thirds lenses. Will that be enough to compete in the $1500 market? Doubt it…

E-M1 specs

  • New DSLR type grip
  • 16MP sensor
  • 81 AF target points
  • 10 fps
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Flash sync speed: 1/320s
  • ISO range: 200-25600
  • Shutter speed: 1/8000s-60s
  • 3″ tiltable TFT LCD touch screen
  • EVF with 2,360,000 pixels
  • Micro Four Thirds mount only (not a hybrid mount)
  • Weight: 430g | 0.9Ib
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 122mm × 68mm × 37mm | 4.8″ × 2.7″ × 1.5″


  • imran

    Even if it is an updated OM-D, it’s not a bad thing – the EM5 already has pro specification but just misses some key points that would make it a “pro” camera:

    – larger, more ergonomic body, dials and buttons
    – PDAF
    – Professional support levels

    The OM-D already rocks a fantastic sensor, weather sealing, 5 axis IBIS, lots of manual dials and configurable buttons, great VF, etc.

  • Gekopaca

    I did not dare suggest it
    Olympus mocks its customers

  • Carl

    PDAF is difficult to do well. If that’s the only new feature of an Olympus mirrorless camera I’ll be happy. That and their first mirrorless with a decent grip :)

  • steve

    how can it be a successor for the OMD when its smaller ??? i hope the specs are wrong in this respect

  • Zaph

    If Olympus can finally give 4/3 users a camera to upgrade to and use their existing lenses that definitely is big news, for users and Olympus.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    If the dimensions were reported correctly, the E-M1 would be substantially smaller than the E-M5 (more than 2 cm in height and half a cm in depth). So it’s quite obvious that either the report is incorrect or the camera is quite dissimilar to the E-M5 – or both, for that matter.

  • Cyril

    Really think there will be an E-M1 (kind of update om5,maybe in E-P5 body titable viewfinder)
    and an OM-7 the real DSLR’s killer.

  • David Young

    You may doubt that it can compete in the $1500 market, but I, for one, will be standing in line to buy one. I want a smaller (than my E3) camera, for travel, and after nearlly 6 years of professional use, my E3 is close to the end of it’s useful life. To be able to continue to use my excellent Zuiko glass, on a smaller body is enough for me.


    I agree with you Admin !

  • One More Thought

    The general problem and one reason why mirrorless sales are slipping is price. People see these high end m4/3 bodies, if they are aware of them at all, and compare with dslr’s and the comparison doesn’t add up in most people’s minds.

    These m4/3 cameras are great…amazing in many ways…but they do not exist in a market vacuum. I don’t know why Oly and Panny think the holy grail is to keep upping the prices for m4/3 bodies. Maybe they know something I do not, but it seems to me that they are making a mistake.

    And if they have any hope they need to try to educate the public about the advantages of the m4/3 format and mirrorless in general…and get their cameras in stores where people can hold them and try them out.

  • amalric

    I do complain too about the price, but you must realise that it is unavoidable. Hogan explained it very well: 10 mirrorless actors share 50% of the ILC market, while C&N have the other 50% all for themselves.

    Therefore mirrorless actors canot have the same economies of scale, and their cameras are more expensive. This translates in an unhealthy situation: entry level mirrorless which cannot keep their price but for a few months, over expensive top of the line.

    Won’t change until the concentration in the industry changes.

  • Bill

    Since I’m not 10 years old, I need a body large enough to be held and operated with adult hands – comfortably. I’ve owned Olympus E5xx and E6xx bodies as well as Panasonic GH1/2 bodies and all were unusable with the Panys being the worst. This is the primary reason I use a Nikon D300S, the smallest body I find usable.

    If the pro grade body is larger than the E5 then I will be in line for one. I’ll be especially pleased if it takes the full 4/3rds lenses as the micro mount lenses are poor to mediocre in the IQ department.

  • Rich

    Olympus has not waken from the changes in the past two years: Full frame is the future for pros and advanced hobbyists at the same time average consumer may not willing to pay for M43. Olympus needs to have a bigger sensor for the pros and the advanced. Just let M43 to be a portable and cheaper product for the mass.

    I, once have 6 Olympus DSLR bodies and two M43 EP1 EPm1 at the same time have considered to leave for Sigma and for full frame. I am not alone, the m43 market is saturated. Those who has bought several M43 Olympus already simply do not want to have more M43, no matter it is EP5 or EP9. Enough is enough.

    I will sell OM collection soon.

  • amalric

    LOL you naysayers are just a depressive lot. There is no way that I am going to get a FF setup with enormous sized lenses, and get back to the slavery of a bag big as a suitcase.

    If I *ever* get a FF it will be a mirrorless Sony with a couple of lenses. So this leaves entirely the field to m4/3, which is GOOD ENOUGH, for most applications. No wonder that so many Pros are using it next to their FF. And leaving the FF at home, or in the studio.

    Still don’t get it? And yet it is simple: in film times there were small format 35mm and 6×6. Since digital has improved definition over film, the relationship is the same.

  • Strobey

    And a 1/320 sync speed… which will matter WAY more to an actual pro photographer than any of the other BS everyone here is clamouring for.

  • JL

    The only place I’ve seen the 1500€ mentioned elsewhere was my post in DPR… So, don’t take that granted, it was a quess based on the hopes the new camera could be. Lower price. Good.

    With that list of specks the target is more or less the GH3 point… Not bad, and the price would go around 1100€ +- 100€. Around 1400/1600€ kit with 12-50 or 17mm f1.8, or maybe with some new lens?
    Again, these are not rumors, but quesses.

    • true homer

      Speaking of which, if its gh3 priced then will it have gh3 video? Ergonomics? Or will you all give it a pass just so as long as it has pdaf sensors?

  • JueBieGit

    Obviously cameras did shrink over the decades; unfortunately my fingers didn’t. I hate this tiny crap.

    I hope, the new Olympus body will have at least the size of the GH3; otherwise I will leave Olympus exactly in the moment Panasonic includes stabilizer in the next GH (like GX7).

  • Robert

    I don’t see the point of releasing a high end OMD that has only 16MP its the same as the OMD e-m5.whats the point not many people are going to go out and spend a lot of money just to have another camera that is nelly the same
    all I will get is

    sensor (same)
    ISO (same)
    1FPS faster
    250 to 320 sync speed
    4000th to 8000th of a sec
    WI-FI (new)
    auto focus 35- 81

  • Robert

    HI guys it is here the new OMD EM1

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