Samsung NX200 to be announced on September 5th!


According to three of our very trusted sources Samsung will finally announce the new NX200 compact camera on September the 5th! One of the sources said the camera looks a bit like the EX-1 compact camera. Another source told us that Samsung delayed the NX20 announcement from July to September because they wanted to implement a new 20 Megapixel sensor (instead of the rumored 18 Megapixel sensor).

Another source wrote: “It could be release on Android Market and Samsung Apps with the NX200 and would allow the NX camera control through the Android/Bada phones/tabs like the P&S SH100, so it could suggest the NX cameras would come with WiFi connection.

Stay tuned! This is going to be a very hot rumor time (Sony, Nikon, Panasonic and Samsung will annoucne mirrorless “stuff”).

  • physica

    I’m still considering NEX7 or wait for the NX200, the Outlook of EX1 is acceptable , if the price is ok also , I will go for it:)

  • Marco

    the NEX7 has the integrated EVF while the NX 200 doesn’t. The NX20 will be a better competitor for NEX7, but it will be bigger.

    The NEX has bad lenses when compared to NX ones, though.

    • Fants

      The NX200 will probably also cost half as much as the NEX-7!

    • KJTY

      Until Sony gets serious about making lenses for the Nex system I will not consider them. Samsung, on the other hand, has an exceptional lens lineup. The only thing I would change is the 60mm macro- I’d make it f2 instead of 2.8 so it could double as a portrait lens.

    • Super digi

      When the Sony NEX 5 came out that thing was nearly 700usd…maybe more in some other places. There is no way the NEX 7 with it’s supposed evf will be under 700,..heck you’d be lucky to get it for less than a grand after tax. Im glad that Samsung left the evf out of the nx200 if it is true.The evf is for the nx10 nx 20 line.Also, a bulit in evf on these types of cameras would push the lcd screen to be placed lower. And you’re right about the Sony lenses. A crappy pancake, a run of the mill standard zoo, and a honking huge sausage megazoom lens for a thousand clams..what was Sony thinking? And as for the Zeiss lenses rumored..they obviously havent checked on the financial state that the world is in these days…I dont think the soccer moms and dads that buy the sony can afford Zeiss glass…and if they could..they wouldnt be buying Zeiss for a Sony NEX.

  • RedCrow

    In my personal opinion, NX200 has different look from EX1 and NEX-7. It has more simple look and sharper lines. I think its design is well balanced between modern and classical look. It has very similar design cue from one of old Samsung camera.

    • Din

      “It has very similar design cue from one of old Samsung camera.”

      Are you talking about NV series…???
      From NV7 to NV40, they used almost the same body design…

      • KJTY

        I think you’ve hit on what he’s getting at. If it looks like the NV7 that’s a good thing IMO. I think that’s a good looking camera.

    • Zaph

      Photos please Mr Crow :-)

  • Dummy00001

    20MP?? I wonder how large the RAWs would be.

    • Gabriel

      An 10Mpx EX1 raw files is around 22Mo, i hope Samsung will compress NX200 files. And again it’s the man game “Mine is bigger than yours”. Who really needs 20Mpx ? I hope there is something like a 8 or 10Mpx mode with smaller raw.

  • Din

    • dgreene

      Unfortunately, in today’s market place, an 8-10 MP APS-C camera would get fare poorly in numbers comparisons. The megapixel wars aren’t quite over. I’d be curious to know the advantages of the rumored 20 MP sensor over the rumored 18 MP sensor. I mostly hope that the lenses Samsung has been churning out can resolve to the level of the sensor.

      I’d be even more excited if the new NX cameras actually ran some version of Android. That would be a pretty big game changer.

  • MirrorlessShutterless

    Question to RedCrow:
    Will NX200 have AA filter on the sensor?
    Will NX20 have AA filter on the sensor?
    Since both cameras will have WiFi will samsung bring also wireless radio flash that can be controlled by aplication on samsung iphone?

    • RedCrow

      I am sorry, but I don’t have any answer for your questions.

      What I heard is that NX200 doesn’t have WiFi.

  • Steven

    Instead to 20MP sensor, finally a good thing.
    Samsung’s own reputation as Japanese brands (although already quite good from a few years ago),
    It had to competitive differentiation,
    20MP figure, and then just launched the 10MP DC, is an important psychological barrier.
    Sony NEX-3C is the use of 16MP sensors,
    The rumors of NEX-7, the sensor is a 24MP,

    Samsung just to find the point between them,
    If its design, such as rumors of a “pretty good” as described;
    With price and NEX3C (or NEX5 successor models) is almost the case,
    I believe sales will not worry.
    (However, the signal to noise control and NEX is almost certain to do.)

    Of course, if Samsung’s camera department to abandon adherence to the “completely self-developed”
    Introduce some “Schneider KREUZNACH” in the name of the lens,
    NX system can effectively increase the attractiveness of the high requirements of customers.
    (Is the future of Samsung NX Classic + for a group of customers.)

  • soldar

    MP is the least of samsungs’ problems regarding the sensor. after their poor DXO results with the current NX, they need a real show of force regarding ISO and dynamic range. I hope the move to even more MP won’t hurt those.

  • Frederick

    Is NX200 looks like NV7 OPS?

  • Gabriel

    Yes, me too, it’s the next big step for camera, a direct connection to phone or pad, so you can control camera, take picture, view it on big pad size, make some retouching, add gps location, connect to your photo account web service and post the photo. And why not a direct view on the pad/phone, so you can use the screen as a remote one.

  • Shutterer

    i have used the nx100 is not as bad as some ppl on the net would have you fact, it’s not bad at all but excellent. Case in point, many years ago when i used to shoot in film with the minolta md system, canikon fanboys used to always say how sharp their lenses were…all the time, on the net, in magazines, in blogs etc. One day i bought a nikon with 3 pretty respectable primes, a 28, 50 and 1o5. Long story short, I wasn’t blown away by the nikon lenses…in fact, i prefer the colors and the quality of the minolta lenses. The moral of this is…don’t discount something unless you yourself have actually tried it. and that is why 99.99 of photogs that use Leica’s can’t shoot worth snot.the lenses made in the 50’s were good enough forever in terms of sharpness, it’s the modern photo elitists and narcissists that seem to think a sharper picture is a better one.