Samsung NX500 specs leaked by Samsung itself!

For a very short moment Samsung itself leaked the NX500 specs. And Korean users at SLRclub didn’t miss the chance to take note of the shortly leaked specs:

Sensitivity: ISO 100 ~ 32000
Highest Sensitivity: manually ISO 32000, ISO 25600 Auto ISO limit
Top shutter speed: ISO 1/4000
Video: 4095×2160 (24p), 3840×2160 (25p / 30p), 1920×1080 (509 / 60p), 1920×1080 (259 / 30p)

Announcement now at CES or CP+??? Your call :)

via Dicahub and Photorumors.

These are today’s CES press conferences: Samsung, Sony and Panasonic coming with 4k camcorders and actioncams.

Panasonic, Samsung and Sony will have press conferences today at CES. But there should be no new mirrorless system photocamera yet. As far as we know Sony will announce three 4K camcorders (FDR-X1000V, FDR-AXP35 and FDR-AX30) and a new 4K action camera. Also Panasonic and Samsung will announce 4K stuff.

The Big photographic event is CP+ in mid February. And that’s when we will get plenty of new stuff!

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