Panasonic GH4 preorders exceed expectations. Sony A7s pricing to be announced next week!

Den Lennie talks about the A7s High Iso performance

It’s 4K news and rumor time on MirrorlessRumors :)

First of all Panasonic Japan announced that the GH4 preorders exceeded the expectations and Panasonic will have a hard time meeting the demand. That’s why some delay has to be taken into account if you are waiting to grab a camera.

Secondly a highly trusted source just told us that the Sony A7s pricing will be announced next week on May 1. But it will be at least double as high as the price of the GH4 ($1699 now at Amazon).

Leica T officially announced! Reviews and news roundup post.

Price and preorders: Silver Leica T at Bhphoto or Adorama. Black Leica T at Bhphoto or Adorama.

Hands-on: First Hands-on at Leica Camera Forum (with image samples). Solid metal: Creating the Leica T at Dpreview, Testing Taifun by Slack, Leica T test at Cameras.Reviewed, Test by Ming Thein,

VideosThe Leica T: an Introduction, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann: About the Essence, The new Leica T-System, The Most Boring Ad Ever Made?, Dr. Kaufmann: Precision and Beauty,

Lytro announces the astonishing Illum camera with 30-250mm constant f/2.0 lens!

Well, this is a small revolution for digital photography! Finally Lytro released a real useful Light Fiel camera, the new Illum! It has a much larger 1 inch sensor (the predecessor had a 1/3 inch sensor) and an astonishing 30-250mm f/2.0 constant aperture lens!

You can get all the info and see image samples at

This might well become the future of photography don’t you think?