Strange rumors: Nikon to launch a mirrorless Full Frame camera with… F-mount?

Image courtesy: Nikonrumors.

Nikonrumors reports that Nikon is developing a Full Frame Mirrorless camera. In a recent interview at Dpreview Nikon stated that there would be no need for a larger sensor mirrorless camera. But maybe they were just trying to hide their cards. What’s strange with the rumor is that apparently Nikon will keep the regular DSLR F-mount for that camera! Just like Pentax did with their bulky K-mount mirrorless cam. Don’t know if it makes sense to keep a mount with long flange distance for a mirrorless camera…

Anyway, those are the rumored spec of the camera:
mirrorless / mirrorless-styled
the camera will be small (about the same size as the Olympus E-M1)
no EVF
regular F mount
currently being field tested
the official announcement is expected in late 2015 or early 2016

Jlian Assange also leaked us the new A7rII, A6100 and RX camera announcement time!

Julian Assange from Wikileaks published the full Sony (North Korea?) hacked material. And among all that stuff SAR spotted the new A7, A6000 and RX series cameras on a product roadmap. Those cameras will be announced by Sony between now and end of June!

The new A7 camera should be the 36MP and 5 axis stabilized A7rII
The new A6100 should feature IBIS too and advanced video recording
The new RX camera could be the Four Thirds sensor RX100m4.