Because We Just Can’t Get Enough of them: New Pentax FF mirrorless LX rumor.


Damn, it’s a long time we didn’t post some weird Pentax Full Frame camera rumor. So let’s keep the dream well alive with some more (likely fake) Pentax FF rumors :)

Apparently Pentax Russia said there will be certainly a Pentax FF camera in 2014 (Source: Pentax Russia forum).

And on the usually very (un)reliable dpreview forum you can read that entry:

The rumour mill is busy with talk of a retro style Pentax LX full frame coming soon. Pretty similar in fact to the anticipated new Nikon retro F3 coming in two weeks. Both of these old cameras looked fairly identical actually as well as also featuring interchangeable viewfinders, so will that carry forward into the new digital versions? The main difference with the retro-Nikon F3-D (for want of a name at this point) in the speculation as far as I can see is it will be standard SLR F mount, while the new retro-Pentax LX-D will adopt a whole new shorter flange A-mount (A for Ace, after K and Q), which will allow two adapters for legacy K mount lens – one for manual focus with metering etc, and a more expensive motorised adapter for auto focussing as well. So basically the Pentax will be able to take short-flange lenses while the Nikon will not, so the question for all us Ricoh users is will this become the successor to the GXR we’ve been waiting for?

Don’t worry, next fake Pentax FF rumors coming in a couple of months đŸ˜‰


The Fuji strategy: X-PRO2 as next, f/2.8 zoom and Full Frame in two years


Sony shaked the camera industry with their A7 camera series. And the first to react on a “rumor” level has been Fuji. According to our sources and info from Fujirumors and Photorumors this is what we can expect for the future:

– Next camera to be announced is the ASP-C X-PRO2 (no full frame as rumored on other sites!)
– X200 Full Frame camera with fixed prime lens coming in 2014
– New XF lens roadmap to be unveiled early 2014 (liekly along the X-PRO2 announcement).
– The new roadmap contains some weathersealed lenses, a f/2.8 constant aperture zoom, a mid and tele zoom
– A Full Frame interchangeable camera is likely coming after Photokina 2014 (on market 2015).

Sounds pretty amazing!


New Nikon DF retro camera is nice, but not mirrorless!


Nikon will soon announce the new retro styled Nikon DF camera. It’s really an exciting camera that focus on top stills quality and has no video recording feature at all. But unlike the early rumors reported on the web this isn’t a mirrorless camera. It’s F-mount. And once again it’s a statement from Nikon in favour of optical viewfinder and mirror cameras.

And from what I heard recently Neither Canon nor Nikon will go the full mirrorless route like Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and Sony. They still think DSLR is the way to go also for the future! What if they are wrong?

Image via Nikonrumors.