Confirmed via trusted source: Sony 1 inch sensor used by Panasonic (and likely by other companies too).

The recently announced Panasonic FZ-1000 did shake up the industry by offering a tremendous zoom range and 4K recording in a sub $1,000 package.

And according to our sources the Panasonic is the first non-Sony camera using the Sony RX100m3 1 inch sensor. The source also said the sensor will be sold to other companies too (likely Fuji and Samsung coming as next).

It’s likely that Sony cares more about selling sensors (and leading the industry in that segment) than protecting their own RX camera range. And actually that’s a good news :)

New Leica M-E successor on the horizon?

The likely less popular of all M cameras will get a replacement soon according to LeicaRumors sources:

The new camera will be called M-S or M-E2 and will have the same 18MP CCD sensor with updated LCD screen and new battery (probably from the M 240).

For those of you that don’t know it the Leica M-E is the “cheapest” M camera form Leica. Costs $5450 only (here at BHphoto). A real bargain :)

Sigma DP2 Quattro: First full size images and ISO test!

The new Sigma DP2 Quattro promises to deliver “almost” medium format quality on a tiny APS-C sensor. So let’s check these new image samples to see if it’s true!

Yodobashi posted some low resolution image samples and included a rough ISO test. Also Mapcamera posted some nice images but again no high resolution version. To find them you have to click over at Digitalcamera and Sigma-Japan. They posted some high resolution images you can download to pixel peep!

And what do you think?

via Sigma Rumors.

UPDATED: Canon 55-200mm M lens announced!

Canon announced the new 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM EOS-M lens:

Compactness and precision image quality is achieved through a new type of 5-group zoom system making use of short back focus and aspheric lens
Uses a UD lens to correct chromatic aberration for excellent image quality throughout the zoom range
The focusing mechanism employs a stepping motor and lead screw to provide quiet and smooth movie servo AF for shooting movies
Image Stabilizer equivalent to a shutter speed 3.5 settings faster
Maintains the EF-M lens design concept of projecting from the mount in a straight form
Lens disposition and coatings are optimized to minimize ghosting and flare
Uses a 7-blade circular aperture for exquisite blurred areas
Fast autofocus is achieved for still images using a rear focus system, high-speed CPU, and optimized AF algorithm

Angle of view (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) 23 ° 20 ‘~ 6 ° 30′ · 15 ° 40 ‘~ 4 ° 20′ · 27 ° 50 ‘~ 7 ° 50′
Lens constitution 17 pieces in 11 groups
Number of blades diaphragm 7 pieces
Minimum aperture 2-32
Minimum focusing distance 1m
Maximum magnification 0.21 times
Filter diameter 52mm
Maximum length × diameter φ60.9 × 86.5 mm
Weight 260g
Camera shake compensation effect 3.5 stages
(CIPA guideline compliant)

Info in Spanish at DSLRmagazine.