Samsung NX500 Footage & First Impressions at Cinema5D.

Cinema5D (Click here) tested the new Samung NX500 4K capabilities. Their pros and cons list is:

-Excellent battery life
-full manual control
-Good fast mostly accurate autofocus in video mode
-High quality OLED screen which allows easy focusing (especially if used in combination with LCDVF from Kinotehnik
-Peaking is accurate and pleasant to the eyes
-Multi resolution/frame rate camera
-Multi region (PAL/NTSC)
-H265 codec (currently not supported by the major editing platforms but it’s only a matter of time)…
-Touch screen (for the one who like/need it
-Interchangeable lens system

-No dedicated headphone/ line-in terminals for better audio recording/monitoring
-30 min recording limit
-No build in viewfinder
-No “flat picture profile” in this engineering sample.
-“In camera” battery charging

This is really a great camera. Just wish it would be a tiny bit cheaper :) But that said Samsung really did everything right lately with the new NX1 and NX500. Can’t wait to see how Samsung wants to improve the lens system too!


New Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 on preorder at BestBuy.

The new LR6 is already available for preorder at BestBuy (Click here). And here is the press text taken from the site:

We all have a cell phone in our pocket, and either a point-and-shoot or a DSLR digital camera. You take pictures of everything — your newborn child, family gatherings, your meal at a fancy restaurant, sporting events and selfies. You love taking pictures, but wish there was an easy way to make them look outstanding all the time. With the powerful, yet intuitive software tools of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6, you can take your images from ordinary to extraordinary.

Take your digital photos to the next level with the intuitive software tools of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6. Whether your images were captured on your cell phone or a professional DSLR, you can enjoy pixel-level touch-ups to make every image in your library the best. Take advantage of one-touch adjustments, easy-to-use tools and more with this software. Keep your library organized, and share your creations with your family and friends by uploading them to social media and the Web, creating slideshows and prints and more. Are you ready to perfect your digital photographs?

Product Features
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