You want let the glory to Fuji alone? Olympus is also going to make a super quality old-styled body but unlike Fuji they will take the inspiration form their own OM camera history (click here to see the OM cameras on eBay). I will give you all the specs and than you can start to discuss if that camera is really going to be the first "serious" or "pro" Micro Four Thirds camera.

Olympus OM-D specs:
16 Megapixel m43 sensor optimized for High Dynamic Range
ISO 200-25.800
Built-in 1.44 Million dot electronic viewfinder (placed in the middle of the body)
Five-axis image stabilizer in body.
packed with an GN10 flash.
FAST AF and 3D tracking
610.000 dots 3 inch OLED swivel screen
Weather sealed magnesium body in classic OM camera design
two kinds of leather style. black ones is more artificial, and silver ones is more natural.
Two dial button left and right beside central penta part,and another dial button side at release button.there have other one small button in left of release button.
Grip curve looks like Olympus E-P3,but this one continues to the bottom of camera,paste with leather.Leather has also paste at both side of lens mount.
Width 121mm, weighs 425g
Price: $1100
Worldwide shipment in late March

At a first glance it looks like the Olympus OM advantage over the X PRO 1 lies in: Built-in IS, weather sealed body, cheaper price, swivel screen, probably faster AF.
Fuji X PRO 1 advantages: Image quality, hybrid viewfinder.

Hot times!


Fuji X PRO 1 preorders: Expansys USA (Click here), Expansys Canada (Click here), Henrys Canda (Click here) and Expansys UK (Click here). You can get notification at Amazon US (Click here) and BHphoto (Click here).

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