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Fuji X-mount entry level camera rumors (M-mount adapter coming in April)

There is some good news for those of you that would love to join the X-mount system but without to have to pay $1.700 for the X PRO 1. Dpreview (Click here) has been told by Fuji that one more less expensive X mount camera will come in future. Would be nice to know if that “future” is somewhere near but Fuji didn’t give any details about that yet.

The good news is that the M to X mount adapter is coming very soon! Photographyblog (Click here) reports that Fuji will release it in April.

You remember the lady that talked about a possible 14mm f/1.4 lens? Her name is Kayce Baker and she got interviewed by Imaging Resource (Click here). She confirms that she saw on the roadmap that the 14mm lens was f/1.4! And she tells us something unknown about the mysterious organic sensor: “The organic sensor has nothing to do with our imaging technology. It has to do more with the industrial side of our business.

P.S.: Dpreview also heard from Fuji that the new X10 firmware will be released in February to fix the ‘white-orb’ issue. And Fujifilm Digital Imaging director Adrian Clarke said that when launching the X100 they didn’t know who was going to buy the X100: “but twice as many people bought them as we expected.



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