As you see from the image on top the Ricoh GR is no more available for preorder at Amazon US (Click here). I guess there are some issues with the production (or delivery) on the US market. That's why some people is trying to make some extra $$$ by selling their GR camera for $150 more on eBay (Click here).

While you are waiting for your camera you may spend some time by reading two new camera reviews. There is a new Ricoh GR Digital Camera Review at Digitalcamerainfo (Click here):
We haven't yet tested the $1,100 Nikon Coolpix A, but we can't find anything in its spec sheet that justifies its $300 price premium. Shots from the GR exhibited crisp detail, perfect exposure, and a rich tonality that looked great in color but really shone in black and white. The control scheme is clearly designed for easy one-handed operation, and in that regard it's a total success. The Ricoh GR may never be a camera for the masses, but it has all the ingredients of a cult classic.

And if you speak/read German click over at Der Spiegel (Click here) to read a second review..

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