The latest E-M1 specs leaked by photorumors suggests that the upcoming High End OMD may be a slightly updated E-M5 with PDAF sensor. It has the E-P5 specs, VF-4 viewfinder (integrated) and OMD design. The major news is the on sensor PDAF which will add 100% support on Four Thirds lenses. Will that be enough to compete in the $1500 market? Doubt it...

E-M1 specs

  • New DSLR type grip

  • 16MP sensor

  • 81 AF target points

  • 10 fps

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

  • Flash sync speed: 1/320s

  • ISO range: 200-25600

  • Shutter speed: 1/8000s-60s

  • 3" tiltable TFT LCD touch screen

  • EVF with 2,360,000 pixels

  • Micro Four Thirds mount only (not a hybrid mount)

  • Weight: 430g | 0.9Ib

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 122mm × 68mm × 37mm | 4.8" × 2.7" × 1.5"

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