Noisycameragot his hands on a Hasselblad message pointing out an invitation for a big product presentation on September 18th. The message says: "In 2002 at photokina Hasselblad launched the revolutionary H System that changed and shaped the medium format market of the new millennium. Embraced by professional and amateur photographers around the world, it is still the unsurpassed standard for craftsmanship and ultimate image quality. In 2012, 10 years later, our commitment to innovation, evolution and expanding to new horizons is as uncompromising as it has always been in the century long history of Hasselblad."

A coupel of weeks ago CSCmagazine and some other rumors I got from my sources Hasselblad said that they will announce a Mirrorless camera featuring a sensor double the size of an FF sensor. It's not an XPAN clone (here on ebay) it's something new. And unlike other Medium Format cameras that usually uses CCD sensors we have been told that this has a CMOS sensor. No info about the price but it will be expensive stuff for sure :)

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