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Sigma: We will not make any mirrorless system camera.

The new Sigma 30mm on the NEX-7. Image courtesy Mike Kobal

A Sigma Manager stated in an interview at Xitek (Translation here) that they will never launch an own mirrorless system. But they will do lenses for other mirrorless systems instead.

P.S.: Links to the first Sigma mirrorless lenses:
The 30mm lens is in Stock at Amazon US (Click here), Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Amazon FR (Click here), Amazon JP (Click here) and Digitalrev (Click here).
The 19mm lens is in Stock at Amazon US (Click here), Amazon DE (Click here), Amazon UK (Click here), Amazon FR (Click here), Amazon JP (Click here) and Digitalrev (Click here).

  • Miroslav

    A wise decision IMO – there’s too many mirrorless mounts at the moment.

    • Booe

      duh, they could join m43 or some other mount…

      • raist3d

        m4/3rds is a closed mount. You just don’t join on your will. Same with other mounts.

  • Matt

    That’s a shame. I would have loved to see a DPm with the 19mm and 30mm (plus maybe a 50mm?) as an interchangeable model, rather than having to choose one over the other (or buying both).

    In fact I think a mirrorless for their foveon sensor makes more sens than an SLR like the SD1, imagine that sensor in a tiny body with interchangeable lenses. Yeah it isn’t going to usurp the top SLRs, but that would no longer be the point.

  • Dummy00001

    I see logic.

    Some ardent fans of the Foveon sensor would have loved to have a body, e.g. made to take natively NEX or NX lenses. Still, with the read-out rates of the Foveon sensors, CDAF performance would be pretty abysmal.

    I wish there were more development for the full-color pixel sensors… All those published patents and still nothing.

  • twhuan

    The Sigma representative says “currently we don’t have any plans to launch a mirrorless system.” Basically not a very interesting statement. They might as well make different decisions in the future.

    • zmind

      You’re right. (I am Chinese) The GM does not mean “never”, just currently no plan. Please change the title Webmaster, it’s misleading.

  • Samony

    A wise decision indeed. They probably lost a bundle with the DSLR releases, so why would you think they would succeed with a mirrorless camera? They should have either hired competent engineers or made a m4/3 Feveon to license out.

  • EE

    Sigma wont be around in 5 years; not only because of their refusal to enter into the fastest growing (and future proof) photography segment in existence (mirrorless) but because the low priced entry FF’s will instantly kill Sigma’s price gouging for APSC sensored cameras.

    Writing’s on the wall Sigma. Innovate with something new and bold or die.

    • Vlad

      Sigma also make lenses, you know.

      • pooh

        During the past 51 years camera making had never the core business of Sigma, which is essentially a lens maker.

        And they ARE pushing pretty hard with their lenses.

    • Mike

      What kind of low priced FF cameras should this be? There are just a few “cheap” (below 2000€) cameras because they are years old. The Sigma SD1m is just a little bit higher priced than the comparable Sony A77, Nikon D300s & Olympus E-5. And I’m sure it will be cheaper than these soon…
      Sigma is not for everybody, thats true.

  • obican

    Sigma should give us a 24/2.0 lens with the quality and price of 30/2.8 :) That would be useful on both Nex and m4/3

  • Gunnar

    who the heck disfigures the awesome looking NEX 7 like in this picture and then even takes a picture of this disgrace????

    • Ageha

      Mike Kobal

  • FMJ

    i am in for a 24mm F2.0 for NEX mount, i can never afford the Zeiss for $1k.

    some quality zoom from Sigma would be nice.

    Since i still keep my FF DSLR, i hope they can make 35mm F1.4, and 24mm F1.4 and 24-105/120 F4 for Canon, Nikon and Sony mount.

  • Mike

    Not to put too fine a point on it, but Sigma already makes mirrorless cameras – the DP1 & 2. What they don’t make is an electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens (EVIL) camera or a compact system camera (CSC). I know, it’s semantics. But words have meaning…

    • James

      OK not to make “too fine a point” on it myself, but when’s the last time you heard anyone calling a compact camera a mirrorless camera? Never. It’s obvious mirrorless refers to mirrorless system cameras, and MSC is the shortcut that should be used, and mirrorless refers to MSC. EVIL doesn’t work cause it sounds bad and makes for awkward marketing/discussion, not to mention not every mirrorless has an EVF or even the option for one. If you’re gonna use CSC (compact system camera), you might as well use MSC because at least the M explains why it’s compact, why it’s different. Words have meaning. You know what else has meaning? Context. Anyone who knows about mirrorless knows what it refers to.

  • James

    I wonder if this is Sigma’s phasing out. Virtually every camera company has made a mirrorless model now. Sigma’s last DSLR announcement was not particularly inspiring. The best sensor in many ways, yes, but lacking in the high ISO department and virtually everything else like AF, firmware, etc.

    If Sigma’s not joining what is obviously going to be a big market sector in the coming years…perhaps they are phasing out to simply be a support company (namely lenses)

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