First Ricoh GR presentation video!


Our reader Mistral found that video presentation of the new Ricoh GR camera! Thanks!

  • simon

    looks awesome, also really like the video makes you want to want the camera.
    however I would like one with a longer focal length even more, but if the price is right and the image quality I might just get weak.

    • Robbert

      Horrible ad. But the cam looks promising. Let’s wait and see what the price does, for about 500 dollars this would make a very good extra camera to carry around! Hope Ricoh does not apply the ludicrous pricing like Nikon with their Coolpix A.

  • Herve

    There’s like an epic battle or what? What’s up with the tone of the voice in the video?!?

    On another level, too bad Ricoh joins the fun so late. User interface on gr series is simply one of the best, but concurrence is feroce and it will be difficult for such an obscure photography brand (for most) to compete now. I had (and still have) the wonderful GRd3 and hoped for an APS-C equivalent but I have now already happily switched to Fuji…

  • JP

    A streetshooters dream? Hopefully this will retain the wonderful menu functionality and snap focus abilities of the grd iii and iv.
    Enjoying the built in lens cover too, one less thing to fiddle about with.
    Personally I’m hoping it also retains the effective focusing peaking functionality of the GXR.
    Shame about the lack of viewfinder however the trade-off means, as stated, it will be the smallest aps-c camera currently available, smaller than the the coolpix A for height, depth and overall volume.

    Might even be ‘pocketable’ for the few of us left who wear non-hipster trousers!

  • Kelvin

    I’m getting this. My GRD III was the first digital camera that truly felt like it was a seamless part of the photographer. Moreover, having used a number of digital cameras, IMO it has the best UI, bar none. The camera just gets out of the way and shoots which is what I want in my camera.

    Shame about the viewfinder though. I was hoping that they would bring back the small VF in the film GR series.

  • Whirlwind

    Why not 35mm? 28mm is too wide.

    • Stephen

      I believe the GR series has always had a 28mm equivalent lens.

  • Alex

    That’s just great, this will be my next *the only camera if the price is correct (rumored 800$) or i will grab the Nikon Coolpix A for the same price or even lower (nikon price will inevitably fall ;).. Great times ahead!

  • MdB

    Ad is cheesy. Camera looks awesome! If it is like previous GRD’s and GXR’s etc it should take an external EVF.

  • Harold GLIT

    Looks like Ricoh even managed to improve on its already excellent user interface .


  • Milan

    Nice camera, yes, but the problem will be the price. With the Canon EOS-M selling for $400 including the 22mm f/2.0 lens, it will be difficult to sell this one for twice the price (or more). Even if it’s a bit smaller, and has faster AF, it has a 2.8 lens that you cannot change. That’s a big advantage for the Canon.

    Nikon’s Coolpix A will be below $400 in a few months, but I doubt that Ricoh can do that too.

    • Fants

      The Coolpix A costs $1100 right now. In what world will it fall below $400 “in a few months?” The Fuji X100 is two years old and still costs $650-700 USED. And ignoring the EOS-M’s horrid AF, there’s the fact that the Ricoh has the best APS-C sensor on the market – the Pentax K-5 IIs’ 16mp AA-filterless version – and the Canon has a comparatively-poorly-performing sensor that was first introduced four years ago.

      If this actually can undercut the Coolpix A’s price by $300 it could be a real winner. That sensor is awesome, and I have much more faith in Ricoh’s control layout than I do in Nikon’s. A lot will ride on the quality of the lens and the quality of the purported 21mm converter.

      • reterty

        “Ricoh has the best APS-C sensor on the market”

        No ,the Nikon D5200/D7100 has the best APS sensor on the market.Ricoh’s real problem has nothing to do with image quality build quality or ergonomics , but everything to do with brand awareness and brand bias.The hideous Canon EOS M has taken a far higher chunk of the market than any Ricoh camera will.

      • Legoland

        Well, nobody seems to care about Samsung, but 5 months ago I bought a nx200+30mm lens for 500€. I guess it’s not much bigger than this ricoh, has a better sensor than Canon (though a bit worst than Ricoh) and has interchangeable lens.

    • simon

      the point of this camera is size, if you want e interchangeablelens camera there are many alternatives, if you want a pocketable camera there are almost no alternatives. plus the sensor is awesome

    • Harold GLIT

      You do not seem to be aware of what is going on on the mirorless market these days . The Canon M has this low price because , by Canon own admission , it is not a successful camera at all
      Not to mention it is aimed at a pretty different clientele


  • Mr.Tritium

    The 35mm crop mode is a GREAT idea imho. The 35mm cropped image will have around 10Mpix so it should be quite sharp. It’s a nice advantage over the Coolpix A, and it may convince some of those who hesitate between the X100s and the GR 😉

  • Beaur

    this thing is a fuji killer

    • pepe

      It won’t be, even considering X100s price tag. It’s two different ideas about camera as a tool, thus both will have crowds of fans.

  • acuberos

    Finally a GR proud of his name! Looks great, I prefer it over the Nikon Coolpix A!

  • Joe

    Looks like another dust sucking, lens jamming mistake from Ricoh and without a viewfinder and I bet it costs 1500 bucks. If it was a non-retracting lens and had a viewfinder, I would order one, but after a couple jammed up GRD’s, I’m done with retractable lenses.

  • Lee

    This guy sounds like he’s constipated

  • Harold GLIT

    good for you but for me the Fuji UI is the worst of ANY serious mirorrless camera


  • pepe

    Seriously? It’s never about the UI but hardware control. I’m using my cameras for photographing not pleasurably waisting time at scrolling through menus.

  • Herve

    As I said it before, GR user interface is unmatched. However, I had been looking for a long time for a an alternative to small sensors and, thank god I did not have to wait for Ricoh to come up with an answer to my needs – somebody came with an answer way before Ricoh. I’m not saying the GR is bad – I expect from previous experience that it will be a very fine camera – but it’s coming late in the battle (and with the wrong focal and wrong aperture IMHO).

  • pooh

    500 dollars definitely too much. Why not just $50? Made in China by cheap forced labor anyway?

    For me it’ll be fine anywhere below the Coolpix A.

  • looh

    Good luck sticking the $400 marvel into your pants pocket.

  • casaubon

    You get what you pay for: Canon’s half-hearted effort versus Ricoh’s well-respected controls and build quality, plus pocketability.

  • Mr.Tritium

    It’s not “a bit smaller”. The GR is 34.7 mm thick at its thickest point, when the EOS-M With 22m & lens-cap on is 60mm thick. Pocketable vs. non-pocketable.

  • Robbert

    Wel then you just pay a 1000 bucks and I’ll pay the more realistic price of 500 for this camera, we’re both happy customers

  • xc1427

    it has a crop mode and give you 35mm fov anyway if you don’t care too much about BOKEH.

  • spam

    Yes the GRs and GR Digitals have all been 28mm (except for the GR21 with 21mm) and sold well. Nice cameras and the new one looks good too, miss the viewfinder of the analog models though.

  • pepe

    Should the new GR be offered at a retail price of 800 dollars it will definitely have, sooner or later (let’s hoep sooner) an impact on price re-evaluation of the Nikon Coolpix A. Let’s hope Nikon comes to their sense because I very much like their new little beast.

  • pepe

    Should the new GR be offered at a retail price of 800 dollars it will definitely have, sooner or later (let’s hoep sooner) an impact on price re-evaluation of the Nikon Coolpix A. Let’s hope Nikon comes to their sense because I very much like their new little beast.

  • Mr.Tritium

    They implemented a 35mm crop mode, look in the video. The 35mm cropped image should have around 10Mpix so it should be quite sharp.

  • JimB

    On price, maybe. Lets see which is around in two years.

  • pepe

    I really wish this nonsense quarrel about pocketability will soon end. Seriously, who in heaven shovels an 800-1000 bucks expensive instrument into their trouser pocket? The first thing almost everyone does is buying lcd screen protection and matching bag. Whether it is 34.7 or 60mm it really does not metter.

  • Mr.Tritium

    Jacket pocket. Of course I’ll never put a 1000$ in my trouser pocket.

  • xc1427

    seriously, a camera bag is not necessary, considering its solid build. Also you have to be quick whenever you see a picture on the street. Grab your GR and take the shot, a bag will make you miss the moment.

  • Andrew

    Everyone with an higher-end iPhone 5, for example. Both the camera and the phone are made to be carried in a pocket, I don’t see the problem. Perfectly safe, just keep your keys away.

  • voiceofcheese

    Why would $500 be more realistic when all digital APS-C compacts ever have costed significantly more? Hell, even GR-IV was more than that when itroduced.

  • El Aura

    I do … put $1000 into my trouser pocket regularly, whenever I get money from a cash machine.

  • Beaur

    The last gr lasted longer than the x100. hardcore street togs will always love ricoh.

  • Christian G

    Agreed. I wouldn’t get this or the coolpix A unless they were jeans pocketable. I think that is the selling point; particularly regarding the A..