(Continually updated) Fuji X PRO 1 announced!


I will update this post with all the news and reviews I can find. Reload this page to see the updates but please do it only once in a while to not make crash my server ok? :)

Hot news:
Shipping in late February
Body for $1700. Lenses around $650.
9 more lenses to come: superwide 14mm, along with zoom lenses (Zoom lenes are coming in 2013).

(P-)reviews and Interviews:
Preview at Dpreview.
Hands.on photos at Photographyblog.
Hands-on at Techradar.
Hands-on at ePhotozine
Short interview at ePhotozine.

Image samples:
At fujifilm-x.com. and fujifilm.com.

Official press release text:
Fuji X PRO 1 product page. You can download the full X PRO 1 pdf (Click here).
Press release at Engadget.
Luminous Landscape.
Quesabesde (spanish)
Focus Numerique (french)
Fuji Deutschland product page.
Fuji Italy. And there is also a Fuji X PRO 1 (pdf file) and Lens (pdf file).

Fuji X PRO 1 presentation by FujiGuys on youtube (Click here to see part one). And here to see part two on youtube.
FujGuys first look on youtube

Live Fuji coverage is started. Watch these sites to learn more:
Cnet (live texting)
Matsumoto (Fuji) says it’s been designed to have the “ultimate in style and quality.

Amazon Fuji X PRO 1 search page (should be online soon).

Sensor presentation:
As you can see there is no word about the sensor using organic material.

Pictures of the camera (Click on them to enlarge the size):


  • pelex

    Bella! Bellisimo!
    Grazi Fuji!

  • Dummy00001

    Can anybody translate the slide about the sensor?

    Because it looks like they have only: change the mosaic and something about removing the low-pass filter.

  • Victor
  • h0bb3s

    Loving the fact that it has 1:1 ratio!!! Finally someone gives me the option to frame in 1:1, Fuji, I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  • Eric

    Man, can’t wait to see the price. $1700 body only will be the only thing preventing a purchase today. Come on, let it be $1300 with lens :)

  • max
    • Matthieu

      Thanks man, much appreciated.

  • grzybu

    M4/3 cameras also have 1:1 ratio

  • David

    The sensor looks like its not the organic one. But I could easily be wrong. The specs on the pdf link make me think its the Sony 16MP sensor with a random color grid to eliminate the AA filter. However, the image does show two things missing for filtration (IR and AA) if the other is IR, then it is organic sensor. Otherwise it just might be the Sony 16MP sensor that will be in the new Ricoh.

    I say it might be the Sony sensor as it has very similar flange distance, so sensor is already corrected for this. It has the same Panoramic feature as seen in NEX.

    Either might be good.

  • Vaclav
  • Vaclav
  • jcc

    Still no talk of the speed! The fact they they never mention how fast this camera focuses or operates makes me think that it’s slow as molasses just like the X100. No sale!

  • WT21



      $1600 BODY ONLY???


      • WT21

        Well, at least I can stop thinking about it. Out of my price league.

        • REVENGE

          Yeah right, unless Fuji is now officially in with the Amazon “pricing stunt.” 😛

  • Sören

    Damn, so I will consider buying this in 2 years for 500 Euro…

  • fritzel

    Is there a way to see more than one rumor post on the mirrorlessrumors website ?
    So annoying to have to go through so many pages .
    thanks .


    No external mic is kind’ve a ding for a $1600 camera…

  • Roman

    The press release (the same italian text, only with a decent translation) briefly showed up in dpreview.com (along with a preview, which was not posted yet, only had active links: http://www.dpreview.com/news/2012/01/09/FujifilmXPro1_Preview

    It’s gone now.

    EDIT: Image used there – http://3.s.img-dpreview.com/files/news/9685207657/520_4x3/OP11100686.jpg?v=1297

  • sittingduck

    Admin, how certain are you with amazon pre-order link? I have been sitting here refreshing that page for over 30 mins.

  • om-4

    1/125 x-sync kinda sucks. Does it have 3 stop ND filter build in like Canon G1X?

  • Jay

    There was no word on improved AF performance anywhere so I am not hoping for any dramatic improvements from X100. That is really unfortunate!

  • ShakyA77

    price bummer

  • gugurin

    Fuji deserves great success also for not being constipated like Canon and Nikon.

  • Cyclopedia Brown

    Well the Viewfinder and the battery are upgrades at least…… That price. I may have to sell a kidney. That or a 7D…..

  • TkS

    @$1300 with lens they would have trouble keeping up with demand.
    @1600-1700 body only….good luck selling them; maybe the Leica crowd will go slumming for a backup.

  • Fants

    God damn it…really and truly crushed by that price. I desperately want to swap my 5D2 and lenses for this, but all my gear will likely bring enough for only a single Fuji lens with the body. Rubbish!

  • Brad H.

    No external mic opportunity sucks but oh well.

    The price is what truly annoys me. According to the live-feed it is catered to portrait and wedding photographers, so hence the “pro” part. What a load of crap! This will be utilised best by street-shooters for now, and the majority of that clan would demand a lower price than the “estimate”. The lens prices I’m comfortable with, but there’s always room for improvement.

    But… I remember the X10 having its RRP revised, no? So there may be hope.

  • MacT


  • john

    not a word about AF speed and MF mode…. Hmmmm(peeking mode???). A M-mount is useless with the MF mode of the x100.

    I think it is a nice camera, but I think the x100 is a little bit more handsome because of the silver top/bottom plate and lens.

  • Mojojones

    Viewfinder is very interesting as show in the video by Fuji Guys. It has two different magnifications within which you get the overlay of the frame lines for that particular lens. Even cooler, you can customize the overlay to match any lens you put on it and save that lens setup! In the video you can see presets for a 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, etc. I wonder if you’ll be able to use the the finder in optical mode for the announced 14mm? Being able to use it with a 21mm equivalent lens would be AWESOME!

  • Michael

    Good that I just bought the Pana GX1. That will do the job for a reasonable price and I still can use all my lenses. 1700$ for just the body is a rediculous price. Do they just want to get as much money as they can to buy Olympus?
    Lets see what the camera really can after some serious tests. Im not going to buy or preorder a camera blindly without knowing any more details.
    At least this cam pushes the competitors a little more than in the past.

  • Danonino


    The only two things that is really important for this type of camera..

  • DR

    Looks great. Focal plane shutter – should be easy to adapt lenses.

    Apart from confirmation regarding operating speed and quality of output and dynamic range, I have but one question:

    Where is the remote release port?

  • rob

    im still waiting for my new x100 firmware! X Pro firmware seems a lot nicer on Fujiguys youtube vids.. any chance of it coming over to us x100 users?

  • osa
    • Fants

      Awful samples. They’re overprocessed JPEGS that don’t exploit the supposed resolution advantages of the sensor. And half of them are at apertures that are well into diffraction-softening territory.

    • hexx

      wow, the amount of detail is quite something

  • pdc

    No IS?
    No video?
    Some nice “film mode” concepts.

    Hope Fuji does well, but I think Canon’s future MILC, which probably will be based on the new G1X, will be a more compelling camera and more compelling company, and their video performance will likely match the Panasonic GH2.

    Price is a big big issue. A Panasonic G3 at US$580 (to-day at B&H) with 14-42 zoom provides so much value for money for an entry level enthusiast, and excellent performance for both stills and video. You can buy two of them for the price of the Fuji, and have money left over.

  • sam Waldron

    14mm?? Come to papa!

    And re: The price, yeah, I wish it was cheaper too, but it ain’t a GX1 and it ain’t targeting GX1 users i’m afraid.

    The size is a little larger, but hey, I find these mirrorless cams a bit small anyway and they are carried in a small bag anyway.

    Its trying to be a higher end CSC which is going to be a niche in the future as mirrorless takes over and MUCH cheaper than a leica.

    If it has the goods (sensor performance, VF and lens performance) it will be worth it to many people for whom M43 and NEX is too much of a compromise.

    Do people complain that a Canon 7D is overpriced when it basically does the same thing as a rebel?

  • Larry Summers

    what about image stabilization?

    • morgan

      As someone who owns a 7D and T1, that’s a very arguable point. And yeah, some people do complain. Personally, I’m looking to get the Fuji and or an NEX7. I want something a little smaller with fast primes for walk around, and I’m not a huge fan of m43.

  • hexx

    from dpreview:

    “The X-Pro 1 uses an entirely new all-electronic lens mount, and the initial lens line-up will consist of a set of bright primes with focal lengths that neatly complement the X100’s 23mm F2. There’s an 18mm F2 wideangle, 35mm F1.4 normal, and 60mm F2.4 Macro telephoto (offering 28mm, 50mm and 90mm equivalents respectively) – the latter with extended close-focus capabilities giving 0.5x magnification. Each has a prominent manual focus ring and an aperture dial controllable in 1/3 stop increments (a welcome improvement over the X100), although neither control is mechanically coupled – both focus and aperture are electronically driven ‘by wire’.”


    • Vivek

      “both focus and aperture are electronically driven ‘by wire’.”

      WTF! WTF! WTFFuji?!

      So, it is just a retrostyle camera. All that hype about manual focus and aperture dials…

      The lens corrections are done just like the m4/3rds lenses and the NEX ones.

      The pathetic sample shots (sunny light! haha) on their site are amazingly small, without any detail and without any imagination as well.

      I wonder about their tall claim on a “new” sensor as well.

      Very disappointed. I will not give a hoot about any future hype from Fuji.

  • klars11

    to expensiv for most customers.

    it´s a nice camera but i don´t think fuji will sell many of them, compared to canons new G1 X.

  • P

    All this sounds good but still not a complete package. m43 still will have an upper hand in terms of overall utility. But that is just my first impression. May be things will change soon. I will still wait for that digital OM! :)

  • 007

    All of a sudden, the XPro 1 don’t look that hot anymore.

    Bring the prices down, Fuji. NEX7 here I come.

  • Fan

    I will stick with MFT. Sooner or later we will catch up in image quality. The sensor is big enough. I just love my big lens collection, love my E-P3, love my G3, and I am looking forward to this year’s new cams.

    • Fred

      Same as you. Very satisfied with my US$ 1.200 G3 + 3 lenses set-up. That’s just right for me, an enthusiast/amateur. No doubt this new Fuji is a fantastic camera system, but too much expensive for me. I think DPReview summarized very well: Image quality will be better than X100, so no deception in this area. Focus and general performance will tell if this camera is the 8th wonder in photography equipment. I love Fuji, my first serious camera was a S7000 which raised my interest in photography in a whole different level. Pretty sure if I have bought a Canon S1 IS at that time (2004) it would be a whole different story. That S7000, made in Japan, still working as new. Thank you Fuji, and sorry for my english.

    • Bob B.

      For right now ….I AGREE with you Fan. I am keeping and using my G3 and GX1 and the nine AF lenses I have from fisheye to 350mm (equivalent). The system is small, versatile and getting better every month!
      I am intrigued by the Fuji Camera…but I am going to sit back and take a year to digest this camera.
      Is it me…or am I the only one who is not WOWED by the sharpness or lack there of in the full size published images???
      They appear to have great tonal range…but the sharpness is not blowing me away?????


  • EE

    I was honestly ready to pre-order this thing for $1200-1300, but for $1700 I’m going to have to think three times before ordering and then wait for thorough reviews before I begin to consider buying… and even then, if I stretch myself just a little bit more I can get into a FF (the size doesn’t bother me).

    Lastly, the 35mm f1.4 is really the only reason I’m seriously considering this camera. Why sony/zeiss wasted time with a f1.8 lens when they should have gone 1.4 is truly beyond me; my point being if this f1.4 Fuji lens lives up to expectations I will end up purchasing, if it performs lukewarm, count me out by default.

  • Cyclopedia Brown

    Why is no one speaking about the focus system? Is it exactly the same as the X100 or has it been upgraded? Seems many people complained about the x100′s speed and focus ability in low light.

    They say this is for the wedding photog, well a lot of times weddings are dimly lit. I want to know about the focus system and how it handles for speed and light.

    • andy

      Yeah – I might be canceling my pre-order as well – the samples look very soft :(

  • c.d.embrey

    I’m impressed by the sensor technology, but I’m put-off by the hybrid viewfinder. The small size of the 60mm optical viewfinder is almost useless (long lenses on a rangefinder are a problem). I would have preferred something more NEX 7 like.

    I’ll have to shoot some pix with the X-Pro1 to decide if its a good tool for me. If it does what I need, than the price is not a problem.

    • Renato S.

      but can’t you just switch to EVF then? so it’s just like the NEX-7 with the plus of having OVF when you feel like.

  • Arnold

    The body is so huge…
    I don’t care much myself of the viewfinder if its removal could make the camera smaller.

    If the camera doesn’t enter my jacket pocket it’s of little use for me.

    The perfect system would have the NEX body size and Fuji compact lenses…

  • Renato S.

    I will buy one of the XPRO camera in the future – I think – and I hope that by then, they are already using a global shutter and an electronic shutter. I recently bought my gear and I don’t really need a camera like that right now so I can afford to wait. I also expect that the others to try to catch up with Fuji, it will be a really interesting scenario.

    My perfect camera would be something like this XPRO with the m4/3 GH-like video features, multi-aspect sensor, global shutter, electronic shutter, articulated screen and it can be a EVF-only camera.

    But Fuji will never make such a camera, I know. Sometime in the future I will have to choose between Fuji and Panasonic, I guess. Why Panasonic? Because that no ILC is near what Panasonic can do with video – plus hack. But I may choose Fuji because although I really like video, I’ve not been filming as much as I thought I would be.

    • Fan

      I don’t think Sony has anything to catch up. The NEX-7 sensor is probably at least as good if not better than this new Fuji one.

  • Cyclopedia Brown

    Well the lenses are back up on Amazon but without the pre-order options. Only an alert system….

  • Fan

    It looks like a weapon to me.

    • Random Poster


  • andy

    Any info on how one would manually focus without a peak feature ?

  • Lukas

    hi. sorry just looked at the presentation-video and have still got a question.
    Is the aperture setting only on the ring or is this an ALSO feature?
    Can I do these settings in the menue when looking at the display or thrue the viewfinder? did someone gather that or know that?

    because if not for filming this could get a “wobbly” thing.

    • Gabriel

      I think there is only the aperture on the ring, like the old lenses and film age. It’s works by 1/3 aperture with audible click.

  • gareth

    I’m sure that this camera will output some fantastic images… however I am surprised at comments about how good looking it is. As an industrial designer I find this beast to be one of the most staggeringly ugly bits of kit I’ve ever seen…

  • Mike

    No image stabilization in any of the announced lenses and no IIS in the body?

    • MJr

      Shaky hands or just very bad at controlling your gear ?

  • KJTY

    Too damn expensive! Fuji makes me want to throw up!

  • Berneck1

    I’m getting a little concerned that they are completely ignoring focus speed. I’m starting to think it must not be very fast. Has anybody seen any mention of it anywhere? Also, is there a global shutter on the first shot, or is there going to be a lag from the first curtain closing?

    Am I missing something?

  • nobodee

    Looking at the samples, all I can say is “incompetence”, and I’m almost sure it’s the photographer, but I’ll wait. A decent P&S camera can take sharper photos than those. But it could also be post-photo processing person who is an idiot.

    For those who are saying that one should not reach any conclusion based on such small sized photos, I’d say I agreed and disagree. I agree because you really cannot reach a conclusion about the camera itself at this point. But disagree, because even a small photo tells you at least half of the story. A sharp small photo tells you very little about the quality of the photo, but a fuzzy small photo makes a very definite statement: you are looking at fuzzy photo.

    • fs

      I’m not sure why they only put small photos up on the x-pro website. If you look on the main fuji site, they have full res images taken with each lens. Here’s the URL:


      • EE

        The 35mm f1.4 looks way too soft still. That’s worrysome.

        • DT

          Yep, I find the images a bit soft.

        • fs

          I thought they looked fine. Anyway, is there really any modern high end camera system that doesn’t produce sufficiently sharp images to be able to produce great photos? I’m a lot more interested in how it handles and what sort of photos I’m able to take with it.

          The X100 isn’t all that sharp wide open, but a lot of people have made some great images with it. I find it’s handling slow and frustrating, though. I’m curious to see if Fuji has been able to move the interface forward. At any rate, I can’t imagine the absolute sharpness of a demo shot is really what is going to make or break this camera.

  • casaubon

    I’m ready to part with my money.

    The only thing not announced that I’m hoping for is a Ricoh-style snap mode for preset scale focus distances.

  • ljmac

    While I don’t know about the camera itself (we’ll see when it’s actually available), the sensor layout is one of those “why didn’t anybody think of that before” ideas. I am not enamored of Fuji’s retro obsession (and I’ve never been a fan of their super CCD layout either), but they have to be congratulated and respected for their “out of the box” thinking – the camera industry needs more of this.

  • Cyclopedia Brown
  • DR

    DPReview: “This suggests that in terms of detail resolution the X-Pro 1 should punch above its weight based on pixel count alone – indeed Fujifilm is claiming it will out-resolve the full frame 21MP Canon EOS 5D Mark II.”

    Bring it on. If it tests that good and it’s no slouch for focus and file writing, you can have my order.



    Lens coming in 2012

    – un super grand-angle XF 14 mm f/2,8
    – un zoom standard 18-72 mm IS f/4 (oui, enfin une ouverture constante sur un COI et stabilisée de surcroit)
    Plus tard en 2013 suivront :
    – un 28 mm f/2,8 (pancake)
    – un 23 mm f/2
    – un télézoom 72-200 f/4 IS
    – zoom grand-angle 12-24 mm f/4 IS

  • inteliboy

    This is the x100 all over again…

    1) Camera announced – hype fever pitch.
    2) Price announced – confusion and anger.
    3) Sample photos released – dismissed as point-and-shoot quality.
    4) Camera released – in real hands it exceeds expectations, sells out & hard to find for many months.

    * insert “comparisons made to leica” at any of these points.

    • EE

      Stuck on Step #3 point-and shoot quality photos as evidenced in official samples; not holding breath for Step #4 (though am rooting for it).

    • MJr

      Very inteli-gent observation boy. ( no really, i agree )

  • Bob2

    Way too many fanbois of other camera companies with agendas here. I shoot Nikon, 43rd, and X100–all cameras have strengths and weaknesses. I could complain about 43rd/M43 as well–very poor iso performance above 800, until a couple of months ago no fast wide primes (but still well overpriced), no integral optical viewfinder, no direct analog controls for fast, work in the dark operation.

    For those commenting on lens softness–the flower is shot at f1.4 wide open–depth of field is very shallow so that’s one reason it looks soft. The other pictures at middle apertures are impressively sharp. If you want biting sharpness at f1.4, get yourself a Leica 35mm Summicron Aspherical at $5,000+ because that’s the only thing that will make you happy. Besides, no one ever won a Pulitzer because the lens was “sharp”.

    • rootkit

      +1 on douchebag fanbois

      • D

        My comments based on a good hard look at their full size sample jpegs at http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_pro1/sample_images/

        I’ve been looking for a mirrorless system with moderate wide-angle or std lens capable of producing up to big prints as a complement to my 5DII – to avoid frequent lens changes between wide angle and longer focal lengths, to be less conspicuous for candid work, plus to have a small, quiet, high quality carry around that can go everywhere with me. I was hoping X100 might be it (with 35mm equivalent fixed lens perfect for me), but held off buying because of the problematic focus.

        Now I thought the X-Pro1 might be an option, but at over US$2000 with lens, it would have amazing IQ, and acceptable focus, close to or better than I can get from 5dII + Canon 35mm f1.4.

        Looking at the downloaded 100% (16 mp) Fuji sample jpegs for the Fuji 35mm f1.4, I love the quality of the light and colour, and the images are more than sharp enough at small apertures, but that 35mm wide open at f1.4 (http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_pro1/sample_images/img/index/ff_x_pro1_004.JPG) is just horrific – not just soft, much more so than I would expect for a 50mm prime, even focussed close at f1.4. The huge diffusion effect looks like one of those 1980’s style soft-focus portrait lenses.

        On the upside though, in the f2.4 gooseberry shot from the macro, the focussed areas are nice and sharp, while background blur is creamy, dreamy beautiful, and the pattern of noise at ISO 1600 is muted, stunning and film-like, quite unlike the visible vertical/horizontal banding from high ISO shots on all current DSLR sensors, so maybe that sensor has other advantages beyond avoiding moire without an AA filter. This, with the effort put into the aperture blades, might translate to very real advantages in mood and feel of images, well beyond pixel peeping resolution stats.

        In contrast, the tree bark shot from the macro at f4.5 (http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_pro1/sample_images/img/index/ff_x_pro1_008.JPG) looks almost plasticky to me at 100% – like a too aggressive noise processing even though it’s only ISO 400?

        There are no wide-open or close-focus shots for the 18mm, but the f5.6 shot of the building is certainly impressively sharp, again with a stunning cleanness, colour and light.

        I almost always shoot RAW, often at f2.8 or wider (with a range of mostly L Canon primes) and often don’t sharpen at all, so I’m not using oversharpened jpegs as my baseline in my criticism of the 35mm sharpness in the f1.4 sample shot.

        I look forward to actual full-test reviews of this camera and lenses, and particularly direct comparison against the Sony Nex-7 + Zeiss Sonnar E 24mm f/1.8

        • hexx

          thanks god somebody who doesn’t think that sharpness is everything, thank you for your comment. these photo examples are sharp, they just are not overly sharp like we are used to see on the net (with heavy PP sharpening)

          • MJr

            But do they have character, do they impress ? Does it have the prime lens quality and flair at level with the price-point ?

          • hexx

            @ MJr – I guess I was one of the few impressed with photos (not all of them, I agree). I think we’ll have to wait for M mount to come out and see the samples from Leica glass on this camera (so we can compare it to NEX series) and then compare Fuji’s lenses with Leica’s.

            From the provided samples IQ appeals to me, I like colours, I like smooth tonal transitions and I really like bokeh these lenses produce, nothing nervous but none of the photos really has busy background to be fair.

          • D

            Yes, it’s great that in camera jpeg processing which is what I assume we’re seeing, seems to be very conservative. You’d think they’d point that out… Also the 120x180px thumbnails on which many pundits seem to be basing their judgments would give an impression of softness.

            Actually, even I might have fallen into that trap with the 35mm f1.4 hibiscus pic in my previous comment – having had another look at 100%, and considering that I’m comparing it to typical results from my Canon 100mm macro fully two stops slower at f2.8 and on FF, ‘horrific’ is way too harsh. They were a bit silly to post an image with focus plane on stigmas surrounded by a halo of very fine hairs, thus appearing soft, and stamens just out of focus enough to have a similar halo, but this time due to razor thin DOF.

            I’ll wait for proper lens and camera reviews before making my mind up. Hopefully Luminous Landscape can contrast this camera with his excellent review of the Nex-7. Hope the focussing system isn’t a dud.

          • MJr

            @hexx – Sure, but that’s also the problem. A few good samples any camera can do, but hand-picked by fuji on the official website they should all be stunning. Especially a camera like this one. I’m very impressed with this camera and all for it, but this worries me quite a lot. The X100 samples for example were all good to stunning from day one.

          • hexx

            they’ve added another photo taken with 18mm f/2 lens, this one is 6MB file so be careful clicking on it if you’re on a mobile network – for me this is stunning performance (and yes, Velvia like colours – of course shot on JPG with Velvia film effect)


          • hexx

            strange thing though. I downloaded that ‘landscape’ photo and checked exif and found something conflicting there:

            Focal Length: 18
            Focal Length In 35mm Film: 27

            and then:
            Lens Model: XF35mmF1.4 R

            hmm could it be that preview on MacOS X is confused?

          • MJr


            Funny, the filename is even 001, and the others were 002, 003, etc.

            Stunning indeed, very good potential for RAW at least, the OOC JPG is a little weird, as with the X100 (tho i like the film types).

            Wrong lens information indeed, but it is 18(27)mm that’s for sure.

          • MJr

            Resized to 12MP makes it appear a LOT sharper i gotta say, and resized to 1024 it actually might be a little too sharp for my taste.

          • Geoffrey Baker

            You’d think they would post an image that is not full of dust bunnies. That landscape shot, look in the sky. It would be great if we could see skin tones. They went on about that in the video’s, why no samples?

          • hexx

            @ Geoffrey – that’s what I was hoping to see under 60mm lens. I believe that quite a lot of buyers would use it as portrait lens too.

    • MJr

      Yes we know what DoF is bob.

  • Arnold
    • rootkit

      woops, wrong reply

  • fujifan

    the photos does not seem to me the the new technology sensor can match full frame’s image quality…

  • fujifan

    the sample photos doesn’t look like it surpass full frame’s image quality…

  • BobUK

    Wow I am disappointed :o(

    – Body size is a slight shock to me. I knew it would be bigger than m43rds but that is substantial.
    – Older, conventional focal plane shutter is a shame.
    – No integrated flash.
    – The 60mm prime is not fast enough.
    – No organic sensor which was rumored.
    – No weather sealing

    And number one problem….


    Looks way too much. Yes it is marketed for “pros” but they will not be profitable with this at $1700. What is annoying for us in the UK, is that $1700 wouldn’t be so bad if we actually got it for the exchange rate in GBP (£1100) but it won’t be. Unfortunately the dollars priceusually translates directly into simply adding a pound sign before the numericla figure so $1700 will most likely become £1700 minus only a little if we are lucky. So easily the price will likely be £1500 UK pounds. Under £1000 and the market is opened up to Fuji so much more. Under price of DSLRs like <£800 and this camera would possibly have a huge take up.

    • MJr

      The 60mm is a macro, and this is fast for a macro. Research it.

      Price is … as expected. Expensive, but not wrong.

      All those things you mention, they’re not really problems, personal preference, or perks of a classic rangefinder-style body.

    • hexx

      well when it comes tu UK price, all rumours point to £999 range (photography blog, amateur photographer UK) – so it does translate to $1700. The pricing will be spot on like with X100 where US price was $1199 and UK price £899. Don’t forget, US price doesn’t include tax. All UK prices are with VAT which is currently 20%

  • Luke

    There is an error in URL to official Fuji Site – it directs to X-S1 instead of X-Pro1.

  • Mikey

    The fuji guys did three videos and not one talks about the autofocus speed of this camera. The autofocus speed was one of the things fuji bragged about in the x10 right off the bat.

    I wonder if they are still finishing up firmware and aren’t ready to show the autofocus speed.

    I really hope this isn’t another rushed firmware by fuji.

  • Catalin Stavaru

    Does anyone think that this camera is way too big ? It’s mirrorless but I think it’s bigger than a DSLR :)

    • DR

      Canon 600D: 133 x 100 x 80 mm
      Canon 60D: 145 x 106 x 79 mm
      Canon 7D: 148 x 111 x 74 mm
      Canon 5DII: 152 x 114 x 75 mm

      Fuji X-Pro 1: 139.5 x 81.8 x 42.6

      Not sure where you are getting your DSLR specs from, but no, not as big as a DSLR. With a lens, the difference is even more marked.

      • MJr

        But whyy is it bigger than the X100 (not counting lenses) :(

        • hexx

          that’s good question. i do find X100 in some situations a bit small – but I’m also quite tall man with quite long fingers – no not like an alien. They both use APS-C sensor, both just 1 card, both use hybrid VF. I guess they’ve taken clues from their own older cameras like TX1 and TX2.

          This would be actually very well sized camera for me. I will need to wait for field report, that focus-by-wire thing is killing me on X100 so if this camera does indeed have the same problems I won’t buy it. If it’s more like a proper manual focus, although still by wire, I will buy it. I miss sometimes 35mm (50mm eq) point of view – casual portraits. 23 (35mm eq) X100 is too wide for these.

  • Thomas

    is it just me or seems the DR of this camera be some kind of “out of this world”. Just seems! I dont know the exact lightning conditions but the pictures look very very smooth with nice dynamic and tonal range.

    Why you look at sharpness, the camera really produces nice pictures!
    The resolution is not on par with the SD1, but seems to be pretty close.

    • hexx

      yes, very smooth transitions and tonal range. i will have to look up that Sigma everybody has been talking about

  • Cyclopedia Brown

    An X-Pro1 Flickr group has appeared with a few new images. Check out the comments about the focus… Scary!

    Q: “Can you comment on its focusing operation? Is it far better than X100?”
    A:”Couldn’t notice a big difference.”


  • Leonard

    I do not create a lot of responses, however I browsed
    some comments here (Continually updated) Fuji X PRO 1
    announced! | Mirrorless Rumors. I do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Is it just me or does it give the impression like some of these comments look as if they are left by brain dead people? 😛 And, if you are writing on additional places, I’d like to
    keep up with you. Could you post a list of all of all your social
    networking sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  • mat

    I just noticed that. It’s a digital Mamiya 6 (too), down to the focal lengths available.

  • Zonkie

    Yes, that’s all. Nothing special is written there. Just that in the normal bayer layout, there is a low pass filter to prevent moire and false color at the expense of resolution, but with the new layout there is no need for low pass filter to prevent moire and false color and therefor there is no loss in resolution.

    Mostly irrelevant feature, imho. It is still a “normal” sensor with color filter, which no matter the layout of the RGB pixels and the presence or not of low pass filter, it results in a loss of 66% of the light and about 30% in resolution when comparing to what could be achieved without that filter. And not even that rumored organic layer that at least could absorb almost all of that 33% of light that the color filter lets in (I believe the silicon just absorbs some 25-40% of it, but I could be wrong).

    Nice camera and system, but nothing revolutionary or even new in it.


    NEX-7 competitor my ass, this thing is spec’d and priced for a completely different niche, which it could be successful in.

  • emopunk


  • morgan

    Your number *10.

  • EE

    P.S. The one 35mm F/1.4 test image I found is very unspectacular with regards to sharpness; very soft looking. Draw your own conclusion:


  • Fants

    How can you get anything from those tiny little images?

  • ShakyA77

    terrible sample images

  • brubru

    +1, the flower sample shot looks like a bad dream come true. (sort of like the expensive $1700 body only price tag)

  • Jean-Michel

    As for me, the 18mm images seem to have strong barrel distortion. Please look at the different pictures in the website and confirm me.

  • EE

    Your eyes can see, can’t they? Do the f1.4 images look sharp to you?

  • Renato S.

    wasn’t Fuji that was talking about a new way to provide contrast AF and phase detection AF?

    anyway, with a processor that can deal with the new 6×6 color array filter pattern I think that at least the contrast AF can be improved.

  • P

    From Dpreview:

    Auto focus
    • TTL Contrast Detection AF system
    • Multi, 49 Area (7×7) LCD / EVF, 25 area (5×5) OVF
    • AF frame size changeable, 5 types
    • Distance indicator

    So I guess it is not the rangefinder style external auto focus system, as was rumored here.

  • EE

    People keep saying these Fuji lenses can’t be used on NEX? Why are people so certain no mount can be made?

  • P

    The flange back of Fuji is smaller at 17.7 mm than of Sony NEX (18mm). So no purely mechanical adapter can be made unless it has a glass element in it. Also although the Fuji lenses have aperture rings, they are not mechanical but operate ‘by wire’ So you cannot change the aperture unless they are coupled electronically to the camera.

  • Fants

    Not on the page you linked, no. On the other one, yes, they don’t look great, but they’re also terrible samples.

  • Nico

    EE +1 Not to me…

  • Renato S.

    getting rid of the filters with the new 6×6 color array filter pattern and the thing about the backfocus distance, it’s quite remarkable how Fuji solved the short flange distance/huge-mother-f***-NEX-like lens problem.

    there you have, a short flange distance camera with a reasonable-sized lens!

    and “by wire” is not necessarily bad, it just depends on the responsiveness, let’s hope for the best. and I loved the aperture being controlled in-lens! the old in-lens aperture control is much more intuitive and practical – IMO at least.

  • EE

    Thanks for clarifying.

  • Brad H.

    And I’m guessing this is why the lenses are somewhat affordable compared to the body.

    The price kills me, the fly-by-wire not so much. I have a Zuiko 12mm and it is superb and expensive at almost a grand. It is also fly-by-wire but you know what? It is responsive enough (not as good as mechanical but almost) and the gearing is not infinite. The distance scale is a nice touch, and I wish these lenses had ’em. An optional threaded focusing tab would’ve been a nice touch for the X-Pro1, being all legacy and throwback Fuji currently is right now. So right now I’m waiting on AF/MF performance. This is what made me purchase a GXR instead.

  • emopunk

    Seriously, how could someone plan such an idiotic lens line-up for NEX launch? That’s what really prevented me from buying one. I could jump on this Fuji and the 35mm 1.4 immediately. And wait quietly for the following 23mm. Do Sony actually employee any photographer to give advice? Sometimes I really doubt it.

  • Fants

    Among the most terrible sample images I’ve ever seen, actually. Hopefully it’ll be like it was with the X100 (the original samples for that were unimpressive too).

  • P

    I was just replying to the question by ‘EE’. I didnt say it was bad! Please read before you comment!

  • Renato S.

    I read it and I wasn’t saying that you said it, I was generally speaking since people usually think that. I was agreeing and adding that info to the comment, sorry if I made you understand other way.

  • c.d.embrey

    I don’t think I’d want to use the optical system (I don’t like rangefinder cameras). If there were just an EVF the camera could be thinner. Look at the top of the X-Pro1, there is a mark (circle with a line through it) that shows the focal plane.

    Once again, I need to actually shoot with a X-Pro1 to tell if it works for me. YMMV.

  • EE

    If those sample images are even only 50% representative of the real output for the 35 f/1.4 then sell your Fuji stock, fast.

    Terribly soft output. I mean the worst. Wow.

  • Gabriel

    it’s only small samples, with no exif info, no setting indicator, nothing to say much about quality or not.

  • Ben Y

    They’re all very downrezed images (not just small). You can make sample photos from a hasselblad look bad by making them 100kb. That said, I don’t get how camera makers are so careless about the quality of the first sample images people see, and also who they give the first cameras to for previewing. Most of the photos of the camera itself from that “photographyblog” website are either blurry, not focussed, or horrendously white balanced.
    Edit: Oh I didn’t know there were full res photos. Though I can’t find them.

  • Bob B.

    I think all of the images are soft!? I need a third party review.

  • Renato S.

    I don’t know about that, the new 6×6 color array pattern plus getting rid of the filters will very likely enhance the performance, plus it’s a lower MP APS-C sensor. Fuji says it out-resolves the Canon 5DMKII, it may not be so, but I think it will be better.

    Besides that it’s not only about the sensor it’s about the system. Until few months ago, Sony never really believed in the NEX system, never really invested in lenses, they have never taken it very seriously. They said it themselves, they were caught by surprise by the NEX success.

    Sony will not be able to make the lenses as compact as Fuji can, Fuji solved the short flange distance/big lens problem because the XPRO doesn’t need the extra filters and has a better backfocus flexibility.

    The 3 lenses that Fuji announced are already more interesting than the majority of the lenses in the NEX lineup. Don’t get me wrong, I own a NEX camera, but I use an adapter to use other manufactures lenses. I don’t know about the yet to be announced new roadmap, but Samsung’s NX lenses lineup/roadmap just put Sony NEX in the dust.

    We’ll see how this will develop in the future.

  • c.d.embrey

    Until I actually shoot some photos, I can’t make that call. Om paper the Fuji should be better, but we will have to wait and see.

  • Gabriel

    if only sony have the same lenses than the fuji X-Pro1 :) Small, light, fast, aperture ring on it and 7 rounded blades for (i hope) better bokeh.

  • EE

    So soft images are excusable if they’re small? Come on…

  • c.d.embrey

    Yeah, it looks like it was designed in the 1940s. I’m not into retro, but if it works well I don’t care how ugly it is.

  • MJr

    No there are full-size samples on the fuji site. Some are just so horrible, it’s scary.

  • EE

    I know, right? I’d cancel my pre-order after seeing those then be thankful I most likely dodged a $2,400 bullet.

    My expectations were just lowered, substantially.

  • MJr

    I don’t mind paying premium for primes, especially when they can be mounted on seemingly ideal body like this, but i expect to see the difference in each and every photo. Trying to avoid certain conditions that the lens doesn’t perform well with is something only zooms should have to worry about. One could say i was expecting too much, but the pricing proves that shouldn’t be the case.

  • mervis

    Dear Web Nerds,

    Stop expecting to learn anything from mediocre, re-processed, re-sized sample images posted on the internets.

    Do you really think Fuji (or any manufacturer) is going to release a sub-standard camera? Especially one with a “pro” designation?

  • Lukas

    well I actuall don’t think that my handy are that bad
    and neither that I’m that bad in controlling my gear.
    but thank you for asking.

    … anyway
    I just still think it’s a shame because the rings are electric so they
    could actually easily be controlled via menue.

    a feature this “killer-cam” should have.

  • ange7

    ..or he’s not clueless and likes having 2-3 extra stops of light to play with, eg 400 or 800 iso instead of 3200.

  • Vivek

    I am looking to buy an A16 when it hits the shelves. Passed on the A12 in lieu of the forthcoming A16.

  • Mr. Reeee

    There are lens ADAPTORS for NEX you can buy!

    There are so many excellent lenses from various systems, why shackle yourself to one system and 3 lenses.

    This system remains unappealing until lens adaptors appear! THAT and as c.d.embrey says: until I see some real-world images taken by actual photographers and not a series of graphs, focus charts, plastic toys, coins and booze bottles.

  • sam Waldron

    Did you mother also tell you that you were good looking?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it does not matter if you are an industrial desgner, a graphic designer, a photographer or a fashion forward teenager…

  • Bob B.

    Is it me ….or are ALL of these photos less than impressively sharp. ehhhh…hmmm….looks like Leica has no competition there? I have been a fan of Fuji products all my life…but..hmmmmmmm

  • Random Poster

    Fuji X1 Pro lenses are not really that small. Sony 16mm is smaller(put aside IQ, we are talking about size here).

  • Random Poster

    He is a designer, he has to design what is considered to be “beautiful” by the masses. He can’t just submit “ugly” design out of laziness and tell his boss “..beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

  • Gringo

    Get a comparison with any summilux at F1.4 and it will be all clear that there is no just no way those fujinon lenses reach Leica’s performance.

  • Catalin Stavaru

    Not sure what samples you have seen but the quality in those samples looks Leica-like to me.

  • Arnold

    I agree, what’s the point of small lenses, if it doesn’t fit a jacket pocket anyway.

    Besides the samples don’t look sharp.

  • ipasha

    Sure thing. That’s Leica-size!

  • MJr

    Again, the samples we’re talking about are full-size, 16MP. And i expect them to show the best the camera can do, whatever-else are samples for ? Yes i do think the performance can be sub-standard just like some aspects of the X100 were. The X100’s sensor was all big about having customizations that basically compensated the lens’ shortcomings, because it had only one anyway, this doesn’t. They’re not re-processed, and if they were, wouldn’t it look ‘better’ from it ? Not complaining about sensor performance tho, it’s the lenses i’m worried about.

  • hexx

    maybe they should update the PR talk from out resolving 5D to out resolving our yet to be released lenses :)

    on the other hand, the samples do show some benefits of the new sensor – the level of details is quite stunning (sharpness aside) – i mean detail in colour and gradients, it’s not too contrasty like we’re used to see these days but nice creamy gradients full of details

  • MJr

    hexx – Agreed, there’s something to this new random-ish pattern. It’s one of the main elements that makes film film: The randomness of the grain (grain=detail/pixels, with film).

  • hexx

    aaand how much is 35mm summilux and how much is fuji’s 35mm lens? yes, that’s right 6x the price of fuji

  • Denis

    Exactly. I don’t have 35 lux yet, and comparison with lux 50 is odd, but my super elmar 18 is sharper without a doubt than this fuji.

  • Camanity

    Has there ever been a photographer who’s won any awards or done anything worthwhile in his photographic life just cause his photos are the sharpest? Leica is at the end of a very long and old line. The Leica was revolutionary because it meant that photogs then had a decent quality camera with portability…unlike the large cameras back in the day. Today, the that Leica philosophy is gone. Today, Leica is about going backwards,about limited edition cameras, over made lenses that cost too much..yes…too much. The Leica today is the equivalent of the gold pen. They can’t compete on technology, period. I don’t mind Leica so much as their fanboys who don’t seem to do anything but measure a cameras usefullness by how sharp a cameras lenses are. It’s like car fanantics that go around bragging about how expensive their rolls royce is. Does one drive cars or does one collect it.there are also two kinds of photo ppl. One who cares about shooting..and one who cares about status. If i had a million dollar camera, does that mean my camera is the greatest camera ever? LOL

  • MJr

    If you want to photograph static subjects in low-light, get a tripod.

  • hexx

    sorry, wrong info, used ones are 6x the price of fuji, new Summilux is 10x more expensive.

  • Steve

    I am an X100 owner and handled one of the prototypes at CES today. My comments (prototypes though so could change):
    AF is much better than the X100, a little slower than the X10 they also had on demo. Nowhere near as good as say a panasonic GX1.

    The manual focus is VASTLY better than the X100. You could actually use it. I think between the improved af and the vastly improved manual focus (which was only working on a few of the prototypes they had on display) it will go a long ways to improving usability.

    EV dial seems much better, and the reps there said that they planned on ‘tightening up’ the ev dial a bit more before launch.

    Q button is very nice. Fast way to change modes.

    The camera feels great in your hand. Better proportioned than the X100 with a very solid feel. I didn’t like the placement of the AF-L button though.

    The EVF is brighter and ‘faster (motion looked good)’ than the EVF on the X100.

    I didn’t get a good feel for the macro support. but closish range focusing was better than the X100.

    It has a ‘shoot without attached lens option’ which seems to indicate support for third party/legacy lenses.

  • Denis

    Cameras? Yes, I don’t consider buying their RF.
    Lenses? Leica primes are way ahead of anything else. You just didn’t try them.

  • Denis

    Do you have a Leica? At least 18/2 samples doesn’t look on par with Leica or Distagon ZM 18.

  • Cyclopedia Brown

    AWESOME Steve. You are the man! That was the $20,000,000. question in my mind. And now that you have verified that one last piece of information that I needed, I will begin my search for a solid pre-order source. LOL…

  • Jean-Michel

    Yes, sharpness is not all. Did you study the 18mm distorsions ? Horrible.

  • David Teo

    Hi Steve,

    I have the same concern regarding the AF/L button. I use this both on the X100 and also on my D700 (AF-on button) to trigger focus, so that I can press the shutter and take a photo anytime without the need to refocus.

    That position is very worrying – a bit too far off to the right it seems to hold the camera comfortably while autofocusing….