Wanna know how good the GFX and X1D image quality will be? Just look at those 645Z files and review!


You want to know what kind of image quality you will get on the new Fuji GFX? Just take a look at the Pentax 645Z reviews as it uses the same Sony 50MP sensor:

Review at PetaPixel:

The depth of field is beautiful. On smaller sensor systems the DoF drops off near instantly when using fast aperture tele lenses. On medium format you just get this beautiful roll off to the out of focus regions.

Ming Thein writes:

Does it have that ‘medium format look’? Well, given that such a thing is a property of both the angle of view, real focal length and aperture as much as the technical qualities of the recording medium, I’d say yes and no: it looks different from FF35, but not like full frame 645 (the CFV-39 has a 1.1x crop factor to 645). Remember, the sensor is 33x44mm after all.

Photographylife writes:

the Nikon D810 does look much worse compared to the Pentax 645Z at ISO 1600. In summary, the ISO performance between a medium format sensor and a full-frame sensor is obviously pretty pronounced and for a good reason – the larger sensor size does make a difference…

Studio Shot comparison at Dpreview:

And two more video review bt TCSTV and Matt Granger:

Canon 5DsR vs PhaseOne IQ250 vs Hasselblad X1D comparison

This is a highly interesting Canon 5DsR vs PhaseOne IQ250 vs Hasselblad X1D comparison video. The author writes:

Here’s our test of three different 50MP camera systems. We used a Canon 5DsR with a 70-200 f/2.8 L II, a PhaseOne IQ250 with a Schneider-Kreuznach 110 f/2.8, and the Hasselblad X1D with the 90mm f/3.2. We looked at sharpness, highlight and shadow recovery, and skin colours. The test does not claim to be exhaustive or perfect, but we hope you find it interesting.

A couple of findings from the test:

Skin tones are way better on the two medium format cameras
The 90mm f/3.2 lens is very shapr and beats the rest of the tested lenses when it comes to corner sharpness.

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New Hasselblad X1D review at Bloomberg: “a worthy long-term investment to make”

Image above: The X1D fist perfectly inside the Camslinger bag (Just to show how small it is!).

Bloomberg posted a full X1D review written by Photographer Keith E. Morrison:

For your general photo enthusiast, the price tag still may put the camera out of reach. But for any pro who shoots an array of subject matter, this may be a worthy long-term investment to make. My Mamiya 7 could officially have some competition for the title of favorite camera if AF points were expanded a bit and the battery life were extended. The camera is an extremely lightweight and versatile piece of tech that further challenges the idea of where and when digital medium format should be used.

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