Sony A9 overheating stress test (Spoiler: It does not overheat)

Imaging Resource made the ultimate A9 stress test and the conclusion is:

It is extremely challenging to overheat the A9. I say that as even though I was actually trying to make the camera overheat, I could not.

From what I read having slow cards is of course going to cause your camera to overheat a bit because the processor needs more time to clear the buffer. So please do use fast cards :)

Sony A9 overheating mystery: Indicator goes one too early?


In those days the A9 is getting a lot of attention not because of the cameras features but because of some strange overheating behavior.  It looks like the overheating warning gets triggered way too early while the camera really rarely shuts down. Sony is rumored to work on a fix for this.

Still, I am surprised Sony did not check this before they shipped out the camera. After all the overheating issues they had on previous camera models they really should have triple checked this!