New Hasselblad X1D tests, previews and interviews

Interview: Hasselblad Asia featuring the X1D

The early Hasselblad X1D preorders are now shipping out (slowly) at BHphoto. In Europe they will ship out in 10 days at and at WexUK. I still haven’t found any official full review to share. I would love to see an image quality comparison between the best FF cameras and the X1D to see if there is really a major difference.

In the meantime the X1D got presented on various events in Spain and Asia. Here are a few videos:
Toma De Contacto by Photolari.
First Look by Keydrin Franklin
Tom Potisit had travelled the the North Of Thailand with the Hasselblad X1D
An Open Boxing video in italian.
Presentacion cámara X1D de Hasselblad en Provideo Sevilla

This is the Chronos mirrorless C-mount camera that can shoot at 650fps!

This is the Chronos 1.4 homebrew high-speed camera. it has a C-mount and shoots up to 650fps. And the good news is that it costs $2,500 only (which is really impressive!). The camera will be soon launched on Kickstarter and the specs are:

Chronos High Speed Camera v1.4 Specs:

  • 1.4 Gigapixel per second throughput
  • 2/3″ sensor, C and CS mount lens, Color or Mono
  • 1280×1024 1050fps Max Res Frame Rate!
  • Lower resolutions at higher rates, eg. 720p 1500fps, 1024×576 2300fps,  640×480 4400fps, 640×360 5900fps, 640×120 17,000fps
  • 100% self contained, smartphone-like UI, no laptop needed!
  • 8GB, 16GB, possibly 32GB image buffer (RAM). 4, 8, or 16s record time.
  • Save videos to compressed H264 or uncompressed/RAW
  • Storage: SD card, USB thumb drive, SATA hard drive, remote via Ethernet to computer or file server
  • On-board RAW processing (demosaic type,color matrix, etc)
  • Readily available EN-EL4a Nikon Li-ION Battery Pack!

More info about the camera at